Alchemy Stars brings new limited-timed event, Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame

Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio unveiled the brand-new, limited-time Alchemy Stars event, Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame.

New stages, modes, and content can be found in Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame, such as the Manhunt: The Blue Flame story stage, the difficult Dark Alley Encounters, the Auriorian Trial stages, the Search & Seizure event store lottery, the Midnight Scribbles mystery mode, the weekly activity chest, and a variety of other things.

Alchemy Stars Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame event brings exciting new content

Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame event features:

New Upgrade System

The new Equipment Refinement upgrading system is now available in Alchemy Stars and certain skill effects are enhanced. The 6-Star Aurorians featured in this recruitment pool include SharonaVictoriaMigard, and Wrath. Players will also have an increased chance of recruiting 5-Star Aurorians ReginaCuscuta, and Dayna for a limited time. Each Aurorian will gain different enhancement effects based on their individual characteristics.

Alchemy Stars Phantom of the Fire The Cursed Blue Flame

Image via Level Infinite

Weekly Activity Chest Rewards are refreshed every Thursday. These new rewards feature a new item called Paradigm which is essential for Equipment Refinement and is used for improving the Equipment Refinement level of Aurorians.

Phantom of the Fire: The Cursed Blue Flame Recruitments

6-Star Aurorian Hati and 5-Star Aurorian Kristen will be obtainable during the limited-time Chasing the Undercurrents recruitment event. The 6-Star Aurorian Tina from the previous limited-time Sleeping Beauty recruitment and 6-Star Aurorian Leyn from the previous limited-time Whirling Paladin recruitment is to the Chasing the Undercurrents recruitment. Aurorians obtained from the Mainstay Recruitment and all following limited-time recruitments will have the same chance of appearing as other non-events Aurorians of the same rating.

Limited-Time Mystery Mode – Midnight Scribbles

Players can collect the hidden secrets in different parts of the orphanage and chat with everyone they meet to gain Inspiration and obtain Creativity Fragments that will ultimately uncover the hidden truth of the old orphanage.

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