Higan: Eruthyll is a real-time strategy mobile RPG by BILIBILI, now available globally on MEmu

Higan: Eruthyll, a 3D real-time strategy role-playing game that brings fantasy to the theater is now available globally (excluding Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea) on Android and iOS devices, announced BILIBILI HK LIMITED.

The pre-registration for the game has exceeded 2 million, enabling all pre-registration bonuses for players. Players will get free access to special prizes like the potent SSR character “Media” and the gorgeous Eupheria outfit “Brilliance Lightning.”

Experience real-time commands in immersing 3D visuals with Higan: Eruthyll

Higan: Eruthyll is created by ACCESS! Studio. They promise the game to be an epic adventure unlike any other. Higan: Eruthyll will transport you to a game world that offers dynamic real-time command unlike any other. It is complete with a compelling narrative rendered in 3D, powerful visual effects, and intricate character designs.

Players will navigate between the real world and the dream world as the acting director of the Gopher Troupe. They will forge unbreakable ties with the Troupe members and engage in combat with the forces of soul-imprisoned Fantasyland to bring about a new dawn for Planet Eruthyll.

Higan: Eruthyll will feature exciting events and rewards to celebrate the game launch

The shocking news of the game’s groundbreaking partnership with NIJISANJI EN was revealed on March 2nd, shocking the whole gaming industry. The official music video for “Cage of Desire,” the first-ever cross-group original song performed by well-known Vtubers from three distinct groups in NIJISANJI EN, was released on April 4.

Higan: Eruthyll pre registration

Image via BILIBILI

Four Vtubers—Pomu Rainpuff, Elira Pendora, Enna Alouette, and Maria Marionette—who transform into members of the Limited Collabor Troupe on Planet Eruthyll—present this composition in the style of dark opera. Eruthyll, an opera about yearning and redemption, is currently taking place in the Higan universe. For more information, check out the game’s main social media accounts.

The game is offering a series of game-opening rewards and themed events to celebrate the official launch of Higan: Eruthyll. The events include:

Event 1: Score big with “Media” and pre-reg rewards

Every player will receive an exclusive package of rewards as the game has reached 2 million pre-registrations. This will include the strong SSR character “Media,” the magnificent Eupheria outfit “Brilliance Lightning,” 6,000 Starlight Revelations (which can be used for 20 wishes in the “Eluya” Character Wish,”), and a wealth of development resources.

Event 2: Join the server bash: Limited-time rewards

Don’t pass up the fantastic rewards that are ready for you during the 7-day Login server-opening event. Players simply need to sign in each day to receive incredible prizes. This includes the coveted SR character “Armand,” the gorgeous 4-star Play Set “Zhu Yintai,” Star Sigil x11 (Character Wish item), and Inspiration Sigil x5.

Event 3: Limited-time Burning Phoenix event!

Prepare for “Burning Phoenix,” the game’s first significant thematic event, which will run from April 8 through April 20 (GMT+8). Discover the intriguing backstory of the new character “Sirslet” by immersing yourself in an exclusive 3D play. To obtain the items, complete the event levels and receive the points. To draw the Flame Sigil (Character Wish item), Inspiration Sigil (Play Wish item), the chic Screamer outfit-[Bubblegum Chorus], and various development resources, visit the Gacha Shop.

Event 4: Summon the heat with “The Fiery Feather” limited-time Character Wish!

The events is available from April 8th, 05:00 to April 20th, 12:00 (GMT+8). The event brings increased drop rate of SSR character “Sirslet” and SR character “Screamer”.

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