Apex Legends Mobile Leaks suggest the arrival of Fade, a mobile-exclusive Legend

Apex Legends Mobile has had its fan base since its launch, the iconic free-to-play battle royale game by Electronic Arts is famous for its heroes and the extremely intense gameplay. The game was announced almost 2 years ago and now after beta tests in selected regions. Apex legends Mobile is rumoured to getting a mobile-exclusive legend called Fade according to leaks.

The game is rumoured to release its first mobile-exclusive legend

Apex Legends Mobile was in a limited region beta test which started in early March this year in countries like IndonesiaSouth AmericaOceania, and Southeast Asia. Until now, Apex Legends Mobile had 9 legends that players were able to choose from and play on the battlefield.

With the game nearing the final launch, prominent leakers have suggested that Apex Legends Mobile will be releasing a mobile-exclusive legend in the global launch of the game scheduled on May 17, 2022. The final version of Apex Legends Mobile will include 10 legends and will feature the classic map, World’s Edge, and Kings Canyon. The game will also have Ranked Play and a variety of mobile-exclusive modes.

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EA made the launch date official with a trailer showcasing the date of the launch but also had a scene where Kuben Blisk is seen in a bar watching over a player winning, and the silhouette of a new player is seen on the screen. The announcement on the TV says that the legends have some new competition. Soon after this, popular Apex Legend leakers took to social media platforms claiming that there is a new mobile-exclusive legend.

Fade, the Phasing Punisher is expected to have a wide range of abilities

Users started to gather information on the alleged legend and called him Fade who will be a Phasing Punisher. Fade has several abilities including Slipstream which gives him a short speed boost after sliding. He also has a tactical ability called Flashback that enables him to go back where he was earlier in the game through a void. The final ability is Phade Chamber which releases a phase cage and sends every legend in range into the void.

Electronic Arts have given no official information on this and this can change anytime. The mobile version already has 9 legends including GibraltarCausticLifelineBangaloreMiragePathfinderOctaneWraith, and Bloodhound, it is safe to assume that Fade might be joining as the 10th legend.

Apex Legends Mobile has already surpassed 10 million pre-registrations and is all set to release globally for both Android on May 17. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or following the official social media handles.

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