MOONTON announces Mobile Legends x Transformers second collaboration event

The second collaboration of Mobile Legends x Transformers has been announced which will be revealed on the 25th of May. The collaboration was always coming back as the first collaboration was a massive success. This time around, the previous three skins are coming back with three new ones in a new type of event. This is a piece of exciting news for the Transformers fans in the MLBB community.

Phase 2 of the collaboration is originally a continuation of the previous Transformers series. In the last collaboration, players had the chance to collect three Transformers skins of Granger, Johnson, and X-Borg. These heroes had the feature skins of Optimus PrimeMegatron, and Bumblebee. This year three additional skins are waiting which means it will be an event containing a total of 6 Transformers skins.

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The collaboration could arrive next month with three new exclusive skins

The announcement of the event is likely to be declared this month-end. The main event might start in June and continue till July. This time the new three skins are going to RogerAldousPopoland Kupa. They are about to get the new exciting Transformers skins of GrimlockStarscream, and Soundwave.

Mobile legends transformers second collaboration
MLBB x Transformers Second Collaboration

In addition to the Transformers skins, MOONTON has also added prizes such as rare, normal, and epic skins which players can get from this event. To get prizes from this year’s event, the players have to do a bingo similar to the KOF event. So this year players can not choose which prize they want to pick, rather it will be a random system. Players who are willing to bag some skins this year will have to spend a lot more than last year’s event.

MLBB x Transformer Second Collaboration

About the new Transformers skins, Roger has the Grimlock skin, where he is the robot in normal mode and a dinosaur in werewolf mode. For Aldous Starscream skin, Aldous is the fighter robot while melee fights and turns into the Starscream fighter jet when using the ultimate. For Popol and Kupa Soundwave skin, Popol will be Soundwave and the robot panther Ravage will be acting as Popol’s best friend Kupa.

Final Thoughts

More about the event can be known soon. While everyone is looking forward to this exciting event full of their childhood favorite robot heroes. It will be a very good opportunity to get the previous Transformers skins for those who missed out last year and more new Transformers skins up for grabs for the expert collectors.

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