Black Clover M Season 2 update introduces new characters, events, and more

Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King, developed by Garena International II, this RPG adventure transports players into the enchanting realm inspired by the beloved Black Clover anime and manga series. With its Season 2 update, this game promises a treasure trove of new content and features, ensuring an immersive journey filled with excitement and discovery. Join us as we delve into the details of the latest updates, events, characters, and more in the realm of Black Clover Mobile Season 2.

Black Clover M Season 2 update

Table Of Contents
  1. Three new SSR Characters
  2. New Events
  3. Gear Sub-Stat Changing System

1. Three new SSR Characters

Embark on an exciting journey with the release of Season 2 in Black Clover M. Today marks the debut of new quests and introduces three stunning SSR characters in their swimsuit attire:

  • Noelle
  • Charmy
  • Gauche

These characters promise not only aesthetic delight but also significant impacts on the game’s meta. Dive in now to explore the fresh content and wield the power of these new additions

2. New Events

In the exciting realm of Black Clover M Season 2, a wave of thrilling events is now available:

  • Tropical Retreat Event: Dive into the limited-time event to secure SSR Swimsuit Asta. His stacks wield immense power, making him a crucial addition to your lineup. Grab exclusive rewards by participating before the event ends!
  • World Boss Challenge: Starting today, engage in the first limited challenge mode. Gather your team to face colossal adversaries and emerge victorious for enticing rewards.
  • Spire of Honor: Scheduled for January 2024 (exact date pending), this challenging mode is set to test strategic prowess to the limit. Prepare for intense battles and sharpen your planning skills for this upcoming event.
Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King Season 2 New Events

Image via Garena International II

  • Special Episode “Black Market”: Unveiling on December 21, 2023, this episode promises an intriguing storyline and exciting challenges for players to dive into.
  • New Raid Boss: Expected to debut in January 2024, the Season 2 patch notes hint at the arrival of the Flechidna Hydra Raid, offering a new level of thrilling gameplay.
  • New Event – Bingo: January 2024 brings a fresh event, introducing a mix of luck and strategy in the form of Bingo. Players can test their fortune and secure unique rewards through this engaging event.

3. Gear Sub-Stat Changing System

Additionally, there’s a new gear sub-stat changing system. This lets you customize gear for your characters like never before, fine-tuning it to suit your preferences and make your teams more powerful. It’s your chance to optimize your team’s performance, giving you that extra edge in battles. Explore this innovative addition and see how it transforms your gameplay strategy.

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