Squad Busters June 2024 Update brings new world, characters, skins, and more

Squad Busters from Supercell has been flying ever since it received a global launch and now, the first update for the game has already been announced coming this June 2024, on June 17th to be very specific. As expected, we have plenty of things to discuss, starting from the introduction of the new world, characters, skins, and more. So, let us jump right in!

Before heading to this article, to prepare you for the game, our team has put together a Beginners Guide and how to level up fast guide and redeem codes guides to kickstart your Squad Journey. For troubles in the game, solve them with our customer support guide. For more in-depth learning, we have guides on how to get Gold Coins, unlock all characters, understanding Battle Mods, and others!

Squad Busters June 2024 Update: All new features explained

New World: Ice World

With this update comes the new world, bringing three other characters as well which I will explain in another section. Just like the name suggests, it offers a fresh, frozen environment filled with unique challenges. Well alongside the characters, comes new mods, which brings in more excitement.

Super Ice Spirits mod introduces Giant Ice Spirits that jump around the map. Somewhat making me remember a card in a Supercell game. Next up, Golem Meteors is another thrilling mod, sending a barrage of Golems falling from the sky, each covered in Gems. These falling Golems offer a chance for us to amass wealth quickly but also require quick reflexes to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

Squad Busters Ice World

Image via Supercell

In the 1-Coin Chests mod, the cost of Chests is drastically reduced to just one Coin. This allows you to open more Chests and acquire resources at a faster pace, significantly changing the tempo of the game and rewarding aggressive playstyles. Lastly, the Gem Hot Pot mod spawns pots of Gems that spill vast amounts for the first Squad to grab them, creating hotly contested areas.

Well, coming to its availability, as long as you’ve reached Desert World, you can play in Ice World for a week and start unlocking the new characters. During the event, bust Ice Spirits in Battles to earn Reward Chests, including Ice Chests that guarantee Ice World characters. After the event, Ice World will be added at the end of the Squad Journey.

New Characters

Four new characters are being added, three with the Ice World update and the other with the Summer Beach Party Season. The details of all the characters are below.

Squad Busters new characters June 2024

Image via Supercell

  • Ice Wizard: Comes with the Super Freeze Spell ability that creates a larger and longer-lasting version of the normal Freeze Spell, immobilizing enemies and giving you the upper hand in battles. In his Classic form, the Ice Wizard attacks with frosty ice balls that fan out in a cone after the fourth hit.
  • Dr. T: Another new character, he has the Mega Crab ability, which can be unleashed after collecting enough Coins. The Mega Crab chases other squads relentlessly, ignoring normal monsters and causing havoc among enemy ranks.
  • Jessie: Jessie comes equipped with her loyal pet turret, Scrappy. After opening a Chest, Scrappy spawns and provides additional firepower. In her Super form, Jessie can drop a Turret Spell, allowing you to place Scrappy anywhere on the battlefield, creating strategic advantages and defensive positions.
  • Bandit: A familiar Clash character, Bandit is all about Gems and loot. Her abilities focus on providing a substantial amount of Gems. Bandit adds a Gem when busting big monsters in her Classic form, while her Super and Ultra forms further increase the loot.

New Skins

New skins are coming to the shop including Ninja Goblin, Origami Barbarian King, Tour Guide Mavis, Kimono Witch, and Street Magic Wizard, each offering a unique look and theme. For those participating in the Gem Pass, July will feature the Pool Party Hog Rider skin, while August will introduce the Retro Future Colt skin.

Squad Busters new skins

Image via Supercell

Additionally, a special community skin, Black Belt Chicken, will be available for free. This, according to the update video, will be coming with a community event later on, so we can unlock it if the entire community works together and completes the tasks.

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