Brawl Stars Basket Brawl Guide: Tips, Tricks and Best Brawlers

Brawl Stars introduced Basket Brawl as a summer based seasonal game mode in season 7 of the brawl pass, Jurassic Splash. The game mode is inspired by the suggestions from the community and Chief Pekka is credited as the brains behind the game mode. After the season ended the game mode was removed from the game and it makes a return in Season 11.

In this Brawl Stars Basket Brawl guide, we will take a look at the best brawlers for this game mode. We would also share some tips and tricks that will help you get better at this game mode.

Basket Brawl is a 3v3 game that pits the two teams in a brawlified version of Basket Ball. Unlike the other game modes, this is played in a shorter field and is a lot faster. The maps in this mode are horizontally long and short vertically unlike maps of the other game modes. The aim of the game mode is to score by putting the ball into the hoop. Originally the winning team was required to score 10 points but with a balance change, it was reduced to 5 points. If the scores are tied in the regulation time, there will be sudden death over time meaning that the first team to score wins. If both teams are unable to score in the overtime the match ends in a draw.

Brawl Stars Basket Brawl: Gameplay Mechanics

The mechanics are similar to brawl ball but rather than the hoop being stationary it keeps moving making it a lot difficult to score.

  • The ball spawns in the middle at the start of the game. The team which was scored on will have access to the ball on respawning.
  • There is a 6-tile outline radius around the hoops. Scoring from inside the semi-circle grants two points while 3 points are awarded on scoring outside the line.
  • Throws with your normal attack have a range of 5 tiles and consume one bar of ammo while throws with Supers have a range of 6.67 tiles and uses up the Super similar to a superkick in Brawl Ball.
Basket Brawl mechanics
Basket Brawl mechanics

Brawl Stars Basket Brawl Guide: Tips and Tricks

  1. Passing the ball to a teammate who has a super is advised so they may make an easy three-pointer.
  2. To make baskets easier, aim shots vertically while the basket is moving towards you. Shooting while the hoop is moving away is very difficult. In case there is a need for you to shoot while the hoop is moving away the way to score is to aim your shot further away while when the hoop is approaching you the projectile should be short.
  3. The hoops move at a constant speed in either direction and after playing Basket Brawl multiple times players will get used to the speed of the hoop. Analyze the direction in which the hoop is moving and aim your shot when the hoop is near the edge of the dotted line marking the semi-circle. Using this trick will allow you to score a three-pointer with a normal attack saving your super.
  4. Scoring from the sides of the semi-circle increases the chances of scoring over the attempts made from the front of the basket therefore always try to score from the sides.
  5. It is always much easier to score when there are fewer enemies. Hence a viable strategy is to try to pick two brawlers who will try to eliminate the enemy while the third brawler sneaks in to score.
  6. Avoid auto-aimed shots as much as possible while trying to score since the moving hoops make it a lot hard to score.

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