Call of Duty Mobile FAQ

FAQs about playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

1.How to use Smart Keymapping for Call of Duty Mobile

cod smart mode

First, click Keymapping icon on the sidebar to enter Keymapping setting. Then choose Smart Mode.


2.How to solve “Smart Keymapping not working” issue

Sometimes, especially when a new version of Call of duty Mobile is released, MEmu smart Keymapping does not work properly. That is because we need some time to update the Smart Keymapping. Normally, it will take a few hours. So if you come across this issue, please be patient and MEmu Team will fix the keymapping as soon as possible.

During this time, please switch to standard mode to play the game normally. Here are the steps:

First, click the keymapping button on the sidebar to enter keymapping settings.

Then, click Standard Mode to choose the standard mode to play. Remember to choose keymapping for MP and BR before the match stars!

3.How to fix the “Device not supported” issue in Call of Duty Mobile

Recently some users have this issue when playing Call of Duty Mobile on MEmu, which shows like this. It says: “The device does not meet the minimum requirements. Please check our website for compatible devices”.

The reason is that Call of Duty Mobile will detect your emulator specification and device model, just configure it well, then you can run the game successfully. Here is the solution.

Step 1: Make sure to run Call of Duty Mobile on Android 5.1 or Android 7.1, the game is not compatible with Android 4.4.

Step 2: Make sure you allocate enough CPU cores and RAM, it’s suggested to allocate 2 CPU and 2048 RAM at least.


4. How to have HIGH graphics quality in Call of Duty Mobile

First, enter settings of MEmu by clicking the button on the sidebar.

Enter the Advanced setting. Select Device Modle to Custom: Samsung; S10+. Restart MEmu after these steps.

Enter settings inside the game. Now it is able to select both graphic quality and frame rate to Very High.

3.7 Restart game after finishing all the steps above.

5. How to play Call of Duty mobile at 60 FPS

This method is recommended for mainstream PC. If you have a powerful monster machine, you may reach MAX Frame Rate at HIGH quality as well.

Two steps:

  1. Enter into Call of Duty mobile and click Graphics Settings
  2. Select Graphic Quality to LOW and Frame Rate to MAX

6. How to solve Crash and Black Screen problems in game.

Generally, running game with OpenGL graphics driver is able to solve these two problems.

PS: If you are experiencing black screen or crashing problems when starting the game, please make sure you have the latest version of MEmu and updated version of COD installed, then clear your game data before run the game again.

If you cannot find your issue here, please contact us.

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