MEmu 6.2.3 is Released!

MEMU Android Emulator 6.2.3 is officially released!
New feature walk-through in MEMU 6.0

md5: 7265B4250B33D5A50A0F1C839AB82E99

Change Log:


  • Add support to high FPS mode(up to 120 FPS) (For some games only)
  • Move the key guide of PUBG mobile from the sidebar to the game UI.
  • Optimize the experience of zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.
  • Fix the issue that occasionally the usage of CPU is abnormally high.
  • Fix some other tiny bugs.


High Frame Rate:

Now, some mobile games have supports to higher Frame rate than 60FPS. Now MEmu (version 6.2.3) is compatible with most of them.

Note: Please make sure that the game you are going to play supports high frame rate, otherwise, there will be some side effects.

Key guides of PUBG mobile:

From version 6.2.3, the key guides of PUBG mobile will show within the game and will no longer show in the sidebar.


– It will take a little bit longer to boot a new VM for the first time.
– It will take longer to install if you have many existed VMs to overwrite.

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