Clash Royale ‘Love and Magic’ February 2023 Season Update and Balance Changes

Supercell’s strategy title Clash Royale has come up with their Season 44 update titled Love and Magic this February 2023. Focusing on Valentine’s month, the theme is also named on that basis. With some new events and moments of magic coming, let us see what this update has in store for us, along with the discussion of the balance changes that are going to be live soon.

Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Update details

New Tower skins

To start things off, Supercell has come up with two new Tower skins that can be equipped by the players, the Love Potion and Magic Archer Tower. It’ll be decorating the towers with the Arena itself being the focus with the Love and Magic theme.

Decorated with pink with a sparkle of gold, the Love Potion looks very romantic. On the other hand, Magic Archer Tower skin comes with a jungle green color with a wood accent, which gives off game-in-the-wild vibes. Both the tower skins look amazing overall.

Magic Archer event

The sniping magician will be the focus of the event, with an amazing ability that will blow your head off. The Super Magic Archer can now hypnotize the opponent troops or building to fall for his charm and turn them to your side with those love arrows shooting at them. So don’t miss out on this chance of having the magic in your hands!

New Emotes and Banners

Do not forget to get your hands on the new Magic Archer, Golem, and Sparky Emotes! They can be unlocked with the coming exclusive events within the game.

New Emotes February 2023 in Clash Royale

Image via Supercell

Battle Banners are something that you would love to equip, and this update leaves no shortage for them too. Some amazing banners are revealed in the trailer, so make sure you don’t forget to keep an eye on the shop to have some of the themed banners this time.

Other updates

The Pass Royale is also coming soon with themed rewards that are up for grabs in both the free and paid section. Among them is a free Rare Book of Cards that will be available, so don’t miss out! New boosted cards will also be coming with the update.

Clash Royale February 2023 Balance Changes

Here is the overview of the balance changes that’ll happen this season. These changes will be live on February 7th, 2023.

Buffed Cards

Buffed cards February 2023 in Clash Royale

Image via Supercell


After his elixir cost was changed from 4 to 5, Monk’s usage within the Clash Royale community was down. With the upcoming balance change to his Hit Speed, the makers see him to be used more often now.

  • Hit Speed: -0.1sec (11% faster)


Due to the off timing of the shots she used to fire, it was frustrating. She doesn’t shoot sometimes even if there are enemies right in front of her. Hence a buff was needed.

  • First Hit: -0.4sec (40% faster)


As mentioned by the makers, Archers are overshadowed by other ranged support cards, particularly Dart Goblin. To be more viable in the current meta, they are making them a viable anti-swarm Troop with decent DPS.

  • Hit Speed: -0.2sec (18% faster)

Goblin Giant

Like the Monk, the use rates of Goblin Giant are low. Hence for a change, they are buffed as per elixir cost.

  • Hit Speed: -0.2sec (12% faster)

Knight (Buff)

Knight has been losing out to other cards like Valkyrie and, to some extent, Royal Ghost. So a buff was needed to bring him back into the meta. To increase the Knight’s performance in 1v1s against similar cards, hitpoints have been increased.

  • Hitpoints: +3%

Nerfed Cards

Nerfed cards February 2023 in Clash Royale

Image via Supercell


The crown tower finisher will be less effective now.

  • Crown Tower Damage: -17%


One of the strongest cards in the game gets a ‘reborn’ nerf. Their idea behind this change to kill two birds with one stone by scaling down a reborn Phoenix’s strength and also making it look different to a fresh Phoenix by reducing its visual effects and size.

  • ‘Reborn’ Phoenix: 80% of total Damage and Hitpoints

The Log

Its pushback ability will be getting a little weaker.

  • Pushback: 1 tile > 0.7 tiles (30% reduction)

Archer Queen

The Queen will now take a little longer to charge up her crossbow before taking the first shot on a target.

  • First Hit: +0.2s (200% slower)

That’s all for the Love and Magic update details. If anything new is announced, we’ll be sure to update this space, so keep an eye on this!

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