Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update, balance changes and more

Clash Royale just announced its Season 34 update for the month of April 2022, introducing big changes to the Miner. With a new season knocking at the door, this update will bring some new features to the game, revamp the badge system, bug fixes, and more. Sticking to the bi-monthly balance changes routine, Supercell has announced that there will be exciting events and a huge 13 changes throughout Clash Royale.

The changes are made based on community feedback and overall analysis of the game to balance overpowered cards and make the shunned cards more appealing to use by an average player. In this article, we will break down all the new features and the balance changes in the April 2022 Update in Clash Royale along with a new champion named Mighty Miner.

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Clash Royale April 2022 Update: Clash Royale Badges

In Clash Royale, players earn various badges for achieving different milestones in the game. With the update, Supercell is going to overhaul the system by revamping the pre-existing badges and adding new badges. The new shiny look will reward players each time on reaching a certain milestone and will be displayed in the Collection tab instead of the player profile section.

Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update
Image via Supercell Games

Achievements to get Badges

  1. Top Ladder and Top Royal Tournament Finishes: It unlocks when finishing in the top 1000 leaderboard at the end of a season and upgrades up to 9 times. The best result will be displayed on the badge.
  1. Battle Wins: It unlocks after winning 50 battles and upgrades up to 7 times at 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10,000 wins.
  1. Years Played: This badge will upgrade every year on the date when the player had created his account.
  1. Challenges:
    1. Classic and Grand Challenges: It unlocks after completing 12 wins in Classic and Grand challenge once and upgrades to level 8, on completing 12 wins one thousand times.
    2. CRL: Unique badges that unlock after reaching at least 17 wins in the CRL 20-Win Challenge.
    3. Special Challenges: It awards 6 Badges each for getting wins in Ramp Up, Double Elixir, Sudden Death, and Draft mode.
    4. Clan War Veterans: It is a badge representing victories in the early days of Clan Wars. It unlocks if players have won at least 1 battle in the first set of Clan Wars, and upgrades up to 2 times at 10 and 100 wins.

Clash Royale April 2022 Update: Card Mastery

Card mastery is a brand-new feature that is aimed at making players play more cards and showcase their mastery over them. It unlocks at King Level 7 and at each level, players earn rewards. This is a welcome change, as it will grant players more gold, cards, wildcards, and gems, thereby, boosting the progression.

Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update
Image via Supercell Games

To unlock Card Mastery Tasks for a Card, players will first need to win 5 battles with that card in Ladder (1v1 Battles), Tournaments, Party Modes, Clan Wars, or Challenges. Each card will have three sets of tasks, depending on its usage. For example, Knight needs to deal a certain amount of damage to complete one of the Set 1 tasks.

Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update Rewards Set 2

The first two sets of tasks for all cards will be released with the update while the third set will be coming in a future update. The rewards depend on the rarity of the card and the set. For each completed task, players will earn one Mastery level that will upgrade the Mastery Badge and grant experience points!

Clash Royale April 2022 Update: New Champion- Mighty Miner

A new champion is joining the arena to take the battle to the enemy king. Mighty Miner is the tankiest champion worth 4 elixirs.

He is a single-target melee troop and his attack shares the mechanic with Inferno tower, dragon whereby locking on a single target increases damage over time.

Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update Mighty Miner
Image via Supercell Games

His special ability, Explosive Escape allows him to escape the field and dig up to the horizontally opposite position leaving behind a big bomb. The ability costs 2 elixirs and acts as a great way to save the mighty miner from swarms of troops or aerial troops while also dealing damage to them using his bomb.

Like all champions, he will be unlocked at King Level 14 but all players will have a chance to play in his Launch Party Challenge which will be available when the update goes live. The Challenge will contain two parts, and you’ll need to complete the first part of the challenge to enter the next stage. In total, you will be able to earn up to 25k Gold, a Common Book of Cards, and a new Mighty Miner Emote.

Clash Royale April 2022 Update: Balance changes

Elixir Collector (Rework) On Death, it releases 1 elixir.
Duration decreased from 70 to 65 seconds.
Elixir generates every 9 seconds, instead of 8.5 seconds.
Electro Giant (Rework) Elixir cost reduced to 7 from 8 Hitpoints, decreased by 15% Damage.
(Damage nerf doesn’t affect reflected damage)
Mirror (Buff) Mirroring cards increase the level by 2 instead of 1.
Golden Knight (Buff) Range increased from 5 tiles to 6 tiles.
Giant Skeleton (Buff) Hitpoints increased by 7% Hitspeed and increased by 7%.
(0.1 seconds faster)
Archer (Buff) Hitspeed increased by 9%.
(0.1 seconds faster)
Ice Spirit (Buff) Freeze duration increased by 30 %.
(0.3 seconds more)
Tombstone (Nerf) The spawn rate is reduced by 5%.
(0.2 seconds)
Ram Rider (Nerf) Bola snare to -70% from -85%.
(Slowing speed decreased)
Archer Queen (Nerf) Hitspeed boost reduced to 180% from 200%.
Graveyard (Nerf) The graveyard will spawn 1 less skeleton.
Valkyrie (Nerf) Hitpoints were reduced by 4%.
Mega Knight (Nerf) Spawn damage was reduced by 20%.

Quality of Life Changes

  • The paste deck option is added for Tournaments and Challenges
  • The crown counter will be hidden during battle and only shown when a tower is destroyed.
  • The visual area of effect for the Lightning Card has been added.
  • 120Hz mode toggle has been enabled for all supported devices.
  • Further improvements for the UI layout on various screen resolutions and ratios.
  • The Goblin Brawler’s cage always shakes with great vengeance and furious anger.

  • Fisherman no longer gets stuck after his target dies during battle.
  • Golden Knight dash mechanic has been fixed when targetting a moving unit.
  • Bandit’s dash mechanic, specifically her invisibility, has been fixed, allowing her to take no damage before dashing.
  • The issue where Bandit could be damaged at the end of her dash has been fixed.
  • An issue where cloning Skeleton King during his ability animation would cancel the ability has been fixed.
  • A rare crash when players in lower arenas are using strikes on their chest rewards has been fixed.
  • The deployed SFX for Electro Giant and Mother Witch has been fixed.
  • A rare crash when Electro Giant received certain types of damage has been fixed.
  • An issue with Electro Giant’s zap damage behaving inconsistently has been fixed.
  • An issue where units could sometimes ignore the pull effect of Tornado has been fixed.
  • A crash that could occur in Mega Deck modes has been fixed.
  • The issues with name creation/changes that could cause the player to disconnect have been fixed.
  • The issues when viewing clan mates’ cards in the clan chat.
  • The stats rounding issue with the Skeleton King’s summoned skeletons has been fixed.

That’s all for the Clash Royale April 2022 Miner Update!

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