Disorder Characters: Which one is best for beginners

Scout, maneuver, defense, support…characters are classed into different roles, allowing for great freedom and diversity in team setup. They are not only differentiating between personality, appearance and back story, but even unique skillsets and weapon loadouts types too. It’s up to you to control the tempo of a battle where the odds might be reversed at any time.

Disorder Characters: Azrail

An empty cheetah body with a lost soul that roams around the dessert at night

Position: Enhance, Scout

Faction: Cadaver Unit

Abilities:Keen Reflexes, Penetrating Vision, Cold Persuit

Disorder Characters: Mahakala

Cures the world’s chronic diseases with bullets and a heavy shield.

Position: Enhance, Support

Faction: Pale knights

Abilities:Momentum Absorption, Riot Shield, Overloaded Charge

Disorder Characters: Anemone

Disorder Characters

A sharpshooter who inherited her father’s fighting talents.

Position: Scout, Support

Faction: Pale knights

Abilities:Thermal Imaging Sight, Healing Smoke, Kill Mark

Disorder Characters: Beretta

An elegant and deadly flower of death.

Position: Enhance, Scout

Faction: Ghost Puppet

Abilities:Loot, Quick Attack, Scan

Disorder Characters: Prometheus

Disorder Characters

A soldier who comes back from the dead and never quits.

Position: Enhance, Scout

Faction: Cadaver Unit

Abilities:Veteran, Pulse Detection, Power Regen

Disorder Characters: Shrike

Disorder Characters

A soldier who comes back from the dead and never quits.

Position: Support, Defense

Faction: Pale Knights

Abilities:Self-Healing Armor, Rendezvous, Mobile Sentry

Disorder Characters: Enfield

A cool, skilled gunslinger whose arsenal is not limited to four revolvers.

Position: Enhance, Scout

Faction:Ghost Puppet

Abilities:Combo, Hail of Bullets, Ehoh positioning

Disorder Characters: Renata

A forest guard wandering in cities

Position: Enhance, Scout

Faction:Pale Knights

Abilities:Crisis Perception, Disguise, Heartbeat Sensor

Disorder Characters: Plaguedoctor

Disorder Characters

Mastered the art of cloning and can endlessly duplicate herself.

Position: Scout, Maneuver

Faction:Cadaver Unit

Abilities:Combat Medic, Mark Mine, Clone


A huntress from Pueblo

Position:  Scout

Faction:Pale Knights

Abilities:Toxic Bullets, Scent track, Jungle Law