Download and play Disorder on PC with MEmu

How to play Disorder on PC with keyboard mouse

Disorder on PC Download MEmu Android Emulator helps you to play Disorder on PC with keyboard and mouse. The game happens in a world that has fallen into post-apocalyptic disarray as a result of ongoing nuclear war. In order to survive the lawless frontier, you must team up with friends to turn the tide of battle.

Step by step to play Disorder on PC

  1. We highly recommend playing Disorder on PC using MEmu Android emulator. If you haven’t downloaded already, please install it here.
  2. Then you can download and install the game from Google Play. Alternatively, you can download the apk file from sites like APKpure and install it manually.
  3. Once installed, the icon will show up on MEmu home screen. Simply click the icon to launch this game then it and then it begins to download game resources.
  4. Finally, you will able to play Disorder on your computer!

Game Features of Disorder for PC

Download and play Disorder on PC with MEmu After the first glance of the game, you will think that the game is another battle-royale game like so many others. Netease has made enough changes and innovations, however, the game has more elements of “FPS + MOBA” than any other games on this planet, for now, including Overwatch by Blizzard. Download and play Disorder on PC with MEmu Now, there are 14 heroes in Disorder, each has unique skills and different weapons. The fight is among groups of 3, 90 players in total. The final goal of the game is to occupy the Missile silo at the center of the map. On the way to there, you will have chance to defeat NPCs to get experience and points and then use them to upgrade skills and purchase equipments like helmet and vest. Download and play Disorder on PC with MEmu As for the strategy, you can choose differently on the battlefield of Disorder. Team up with two teammates to compete against enemy groups. Go directly to the missile silo or level up safely to take down bases one by one? It is all up to strategical cooperation with your teammates. Everything is possible in Disorder.
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