Download Disorder on PC

Welcome to Disorder. The year is 2030, and war has become the new global norm. In an ongoing conflict for nuclear weapons and the spoils of war, multiple factions meet each other on the battlefield. In this endless war, justice and sin are intertwined and no one escapes the undercurrent of violence. As an elite soldier, the time has come for you to take up arms and fight alongside your teammates! If you are looking for a way to download Disorder on PC, then MEmu is the recommended Android emulator that helps you to power up the gameplay. In this article, you would get to know how to play Disorder on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your Disorder gameplay on PC.

How to Download Disorder on Your PC

The following will teach you how to play Disorder with MEmu.

Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC

Install MEmu

Step 2: Search Disorder in the Play Store

Disorder pc

Note: The game is now only released in the US, if you want to play it from other regions, please use a VPN.

Step 3: Install the game on your emulator

Disorder pc

Step 4: Enjoy playing Disorder on PC with MEmu

Disorder pc

Game features of Disorder on PC


Disorder pc

All-new near-future locations, such as Ruins, Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have been built for war themed battles. As a soldier in this world, you can pledge your loyalty to three very different factions: Pale Knights, Ghost Puppets, and Cadaver Unit, with more to be revealed. Each member of the armed factions has his/her own exhaustive backstory for you to uncover. Good or evil, the choice is up to you!


Disorder pc
Scout, maneuver, defense, support…characters are classed into different roles, allowing for great freedom and diversity in team setup. They are not only differentiating between personality, appearance and back story, but even unique skillsets and weapon loadouts types too. It’s up to you to control the tempo of a battle where the odds might be reversed at any time.

Bigger screen

Disorder pc

You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore.  With MEmu, play Disorder on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Get your job done and protect your eyes.

Easy to control

Disorder pc

You can play Disorder on PC like other PC games. Use your Mouse to make the move and attack. It’s simple, easy and enjoyable. MEmu has preset the keymapping system for the game. All you need to do is enter the game and then play!

Longer Duration than Mobile Devices

Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game, Disorder. You always worry about the duration of mobile devices. However, you would enjoy longer gameplay if you play Disorder on PC with MEmu. There is no battery limitation, even phone disturbances on PC.