Dota Underlords Tips: For beginners

Dota Underlords is going to be officially released. The game is actually the real official version of all the “Auto Chess”. The version of Vault not only has the original characters of Dota2 but also has the same graphic. It looks like the place where the dream begins. To have a better understanding of the gameplay. Here are some tips for Dota Underlords for beginners.

Dota Underlords Tips: It’s all about the money

The biggest factor towards winning in the early, mid and late-game stages is the quality of your units. You need duplicates of every hero to level up, but you only get five units to pick from at the start of every round, and it costs you two gold to roll the dice for five fresh heroes.

But how do you maximize the number of rolls you get? The answer is interest. Once your bank account hits double digits, Underlords gives you an extra gold coin. Once you’re past 20 coins, you get 2 coins and all the way up to a maximum of 5. So provided you save your way up to 50 gold coins, you’ll be guaranteeing yourself a minimum of 10 coins every round — 5 for a new round, 5 for the interest, and any extra you get for win/loss bonuses/global items.

By stocking up and not trying to spend your whole bank every turn, you’ll get more rolls and more chances to buy the heroes you need. If you don’t get the heroes you need, or you just want to maximize your footprint on the board, your base income will be enough to get you two XP upgrades a turn.

Dota Underlords Tips: Win the loot rounds

Make sure you win the loot rounds

Underlords has an element of RNG inherent to the game, but there are some things that you absolutely cannot miss out on. One of those is the bonus items you get from neutral rounds.

After the first three rounds, the next loot round takes place at round 10. You’ll get loot rounds every five levels after that. Losing one of the early loot rounds isn’t ideal, but you absolutely need to make sure you get the best loot from rounds 10 onwards. That’s when tier 3 and 4 items start dropping, like Black King Bar, which gives a character magic immunity for seven seconds, or massive damage-dealing items like Radiance, Sacred Relic, Moon Shard, Refresher Orb (great for Kunkka and his big boats).

Dota Underlords Tips: Spy on people

Everyone’s army composition, positioning, alliances, gold and item loadout (plus any global items) are visible at all times. You won’t know who you’re fighting in advance, but you can get a good idea of the trends. There’s not much point running a composition with a demon hero as your main damage dealer if the rest of the server is neutralising your bonus with a couple of demon hunters. Similarly, a Human-stacked army doesn’t help a lot if you’re dealing with three or four players with assassin compositions that teleport into your backline the second the game starts — they’ll be wailing on your supports before the silence can truly be useful.

Underlords doesn’t give you a huge amount of time to prep between rounds, but there are points in the game where can you quickly assess what’s coming up. Any time you’re stocking up coin to build up your interest bonus is a good opportunity to spy on others. You can also check out people’s builds and compositions during your fight, or immediately after your fight finishes.

And it’s worth checking out what people have, if only for the biggest possible reason: everyone buys heroes from the same shared pool. You’ll have the best chance of getting higher level characters if other players aren’t also buying the same heroes. It’s a good idea to check people’s compositions at the very start of the game, since you’re not as pressed for time and you’ll have a better sense of what heroes will be more available. With experience, you’ll be able to parse your opponents more quickly.

Dota Underlords Tips: Play it on PC with MEmu

dota underlords pc

Play Dota Underlords on PC makes you extra advantages compared with other players. Especially when playing it on PC with emulators like MEmu. Faster and more accurate touches will assure fewer mistakes.