Light of Thel Classes: Best Class In The Game

Light of Thel is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Youzu(Singapore)PTE.LTD. In this article, we will discuss which of Light of Thel Classes is the best to play. Generally, there are five classes in Thel of Thel. Each of them has different abilities in different situations. You need to choose it after a second before starting the game because it cannot be changed during the gaming process. Although switching accounts is available, your time and money will have no second chance.

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Light of Thel Classes: Details

Light of thel races

  • Omni Warrior: Melee DPS
  • Rune Mage: Ranged DPS
  • Elven Archer: Ranged DPS
  • Holy Priest: Supporter Healer
  • Shadow Assassin: Melee DPS

Omni Warrior: Melee DPS

Warrior is a melee DPS class in Light of Thel with the skills to inflict close-ranged attacks who is good at fighting close-ranged battles. Except his offensive skills, his defensive abilities are also good. This means that in some way, he can act as the tank of the team. The control system of Warrior is also simple to learn. Good class for beginners and for those who like to lead from the front in team battles.

Rune Mage: Ranged DPS

Ligth of Thel pc

For Light of Thel classes, Rune Mage is a ranged-DPS. You can use her CC abilities for continuous damage to the enemies in the battle. With decent usage of her skills, you will do much damage. If you are a fan of AOE skills in RPGs, choose Rune Mage and she will not let you down.

Elven Archer: Ranged DPS

Unlike Rune Mage, Elven Archer is a pure physical DPS that can be judged by the name. With her long attacking range, she can do superb damage together with good agility. All her damage done by skills is also physical. This is the difference between she and Rune Mage. So it is your personal preference to choose one from the two ranged DPSs among all Light of Thel classes.

Holy Priest: Healer

Holy Priest is the only supporter in the game, for now. No doubt that she is good at her job: healing and supporting her teammates. So, for solo players, it is not recommended to use Holy Priest because there will be difficulties during the solo stages. But she is crucial for a team,

Shadow Assassin: Melee DPS

When observing the two Melee DPSs of Light of Thel classes, one can be confused about which one is better. Like his name, Shadow Assassin is like a shadow, faster, more aggressive and of course, defensively weaker. It will take some time to master the control of the Assassin, too. If you have confidence in yourself, just choose it and let the enemies fear.

Overall, Elven Archer is the best class, to begin with.