Download and Play LifeAfter on PC with Smart Keymapping of MEmu

The story of Life After game starts with the outbreak of the deadly virus that no one knows where did it come from. In the world of LifeAfter, you will not only fight with fierce infestors , but also other humans. You may be assaulted, cheated and ambushed, but you can also create a new life with your bare hands.


Thanks to the hard work of MEmu develope team, now MEmu’s Smart Keymapping is avaliable for Life After.

First thing first, How to download and play Life After Game on PC?


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What is Smart Keymapping?

Smart keymapping is MEmu’s exclusive Keymapping system which will show whenever you are interacting with certain subject in game. Take PUBG Mobile for example: Play PUBG Mobile on PC with Smart F Key

How to use Smartkeymapping?

Life After Smart Keymapping

You just need to enter the Keymapping setting and choose smart mode.

After activating Smart Keymapping,  there’s no need to set your screen full of  keymapping keys, all the action will only use a few common keys like F, E, ESC, etc. At the same time, you no longer need to change the perspective mode in Life After Game. For example, when checking items in you bag, the mouse censor will show itself.

Life After Smart Keymapping Life After Smart Keymapping

Life After Smart Keymapping

As is shown above, when players interact with machine, helicopter and NPC, the F,G,H keys just show themselves. No need for remembering  a number of keys. Smart Keymapping helps you out!

The Smart Keymapping makes Life After game easier and more smoothy which makes it a high quality game on PC. Come and experience it with MEmu! Click the button below to download MEmu.


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