Lifeafter on PC FAQ

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1.How to solve “Smart Keymapping not working” issue in LifeAfter

Sometimes, especially when a new version of Lifeafter is released, MEmu smart Keymapping does not work properly. That is because we need some time to update the Smart Keymapping. Normally, it will take a few hours. So if you come across this issue, please be patient and MEmu Team will fix the keymapping as soon as possible.

You can change to standard mode when Smart keymapping doesn’t work. Here’s the way:

  1. Go to Keymapping setting.

2.Change to Standard mode and save.

If it still doesn’t work after you get the message that it is fixed. Only 3 steps to get it to work.

  1. Go to the installation path of MEmu. You can find it in system info.
  2. Find and delete MEmu2.db or just MEmu2

3.Restart MEmu. Done

2.How to use Smart Keymapping

Here’s the tutorial 

3.Is there any version of Lifeafter in other languages?

For now, it only has Chinese and English version.

4.Where to download the game if I cannot find it in Google Play?

Sometimes, you cannot find LifeAfter in Google Play because of your region. Here’s the alternative way to play the game:

Download the apk file of the game on APKpure.

Then just drag the apk file into MEmu.