Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

Battle your way through a visually-stunning realistic fantasy RPG with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable factions. If you are looking for a way to download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC, then MEmu is the recommended Android emulator that helps you to power up the gameplay. In this article, you would get to know how to play RAID: Shadow Legends on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your RAID: Shadow Legends gameplay on PC.

How to Download RAID: Shadow Legends on Your PC

The following will teach you how to play Ludo World with MEmu.

1. Download MEmu on your PC

Install MEmu

2. Search RAID: Shadow Legends in the Play Store

3. Install the game on your emulator

4. Enjoy playing RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with MEmu

Game features of RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

  • 300+ collectible characters: Collect hundreds of good, evil, or neutral warriors from 16 factions.
  • Over 1 Million Champion Builds: Enjoy unparalleled RPG skill customization and explore thousands of combinations of skills, artifacts, and mastery paths to give each Champion millions of possible builds.
  • Massive PvE Campaign Map: Experience epic dark fantasy through 12 spectacular locations spread over a sprawling, fully-voiced story campaign.
  • PVP Arena & Rankings: Go head-to-head with other players to unlock special gear and climb the rankings in intense arena battles.
  • Deep Strategic Gameplay: Train the right teams of Champions for the right challenges, and teach them devastating special skills, AOE attacks, and healing powers.
  • A Complete Clan Experience: RAID alongside your friends as you climb the Clan Rankings, earn Clan Activity bonuses, and cooperate on dungeon runs against epic bosses.

Bigger screen

You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore.  With MEmu, play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy.

Easy to control

You can play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC like other PC games. Use your Mouse to make the move and attack. It’s simple, easy and enjoyable.

Longer Duration than Mobile Devices

Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game RAID: Shadow Legends. You always worry about the duration of mobile devices. However, you would enjoy longer gameplay if you play RAID: Shadow Legends with MEmu. There is no battery limitation, even phone disturbances on PC.