A Brief Introduction of MEmu Premium

Subscribers to the MEmu’s Premium plan are treated very specially. Not only they get access to disable all the ads on MEmu, but they can also customize their skin. Premium customer service will also be ready for them. Any of their questions are on the highest priority.


1. Subscribing to premium subscription disables all the advertisements of sponsored apps on MEmu. The elimination of advertisements offers a secondary benefit of reducing network bandwidth, CPU, memory, and space consumption.


2.  We provide an additional feature of applying skins of MEmu of your choice to our premium subscribers only. You may refer to this link for details on how to change skins.


3. Last but not the least, A special premium priority support channel is available for them to ask questions and get answers, report problems, and receive resolution. Premium support requests are processed with a higher priority than routine requests.


Check here to get more info on how to purchase the premium membership on MEmu.