Free Fire OB24 Update: New Lobby, Character, Map, etc

For Free Fire, the next big update patch is the OB24 update that is all scheduled to arrive at the end of this month. Registration for this update’s advance server has already commenced. The last update, Free Fire OB23 update, brought in a lot of new features and stuff in the game. The previous update gave us an insight into what ‘Plan Bermuda’ could be. This update will enforce the strategy thoroughly within the game. In addition, the update patch for Free Fire OB24 will introduce a lot of new features in the game.

But what’s the update bringing to the table? Here are the latest features that will come with Free Fire OB24 update patch:


1. New Lobby

Players will be having a new lobby experience. This new lobby is very roomy and very luxurious. It will include a lot of fireworks and will sport a look in the background loaded with a yellow hue. Overall, a lobby capable of maintaining until Halloween.

In the Indian server, the lobby will also display fireworks and a festive greeting as “Happy Diwali”. It’ll be primarily themed on the Free Fire Continental Series.

2. New Characters: Dasha and Sverr

Each patch update brings two new characters or more. Well, this update to Free Fire OB24 won’t let you down either. Players should assume that when the update patch goes live, two new characters will roll out in the Free Fire universe soon enough. This patch will be a very unique one in the sense that players will come across yet another character with a powerful active power. Let’s learn more about those characters.



Dasha, 25, is a punk, and a prankster. She seems to be a nice person if she does not turn wild, which is when she is about to cause mayhem. Its power is passive. Its name is Partying On. This experience would really be useful for both survival experts and rushers alike. It’s more of an active capacity because it gives loads of buffs at the cost of only one slot.

Her ability to minimize harm from falls is one of the most critical aspects of this skill. The campers out there who prefer camping in risky places located very high in Kalahari and other maps should find this ability very useful. Equipped with this experience, your aim will become more accurate when shooting on the move. Here’s how much he upgrades his skills to each successive level.


Level 1 Reduces recoil in motion by 5%.
Reduces the general recoil by 5%.
Reduces damage from falls by 45%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 55%.
Level 2 Reduces recoil in motion by 6%.
Reduces the general recoil by 6%.
Reduces damage from falls by 50%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 60%
Level 3 Reduces recoil in motion by 7%.
Reduces the general recoil by 7%.
Reduces damage from falls by 55%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 65%.
Level 4 Reduces recoil in motion by 8%.
Reduces the general recoil by 8%.
Reduces damage from falls by 60%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 70%.
Level 5 Reduces recoil in motion by 9%.
Reduces the general recoil by 9%.
Reduces damage from falls by 65%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 75%.
Level 6 Reduces recoil in motion by 10%.
Reduces the general recoil by 10%.
Reduces damage from falls by 70%.
Reduces crash recovery time by 80%.
‘Partying On’ Skill Stats


Sverr is a warrior at the top level of MMA. He’s a born warrior inside him who has a hunger for blood that helps him channel his inner berserker while he’s out in the ring. The next update will put him into Free Fire.

His animations and dialogs with his voice seem pretty cool. Of course that’s what you expect with an active talent from a legendary character. He ‘s called his abilities ‘Going Berserk.’ It’s an offensive ability, quite an odd, unusual change from the normal healing / defensive abilities Free Fire comes out of every patch update. When it comes to ‘skills,’ players should eventually expect a wide range of individuality. This is the first character in that path.


The ability of Going Berserk gives a boost to the player in the harm done at the cost of consumption by HP. It’s a gambler talent that could, maybe not, work in your favor. But one thing is obvious, this character will require the players to have the courage to take on the challenge of battling it out as it is an assault-based ability with a very short cooldown time at peak. Here’s how much he upgrades his skills to each successive level.

Level 1 Consumes 40 HP to increase damage by 10%.
Duration 5 seconds.
45s Cooldown.
Level 2 Consumes 38 HP to increase damage by 12%.
Duration 5 seconds.
42s cooldown.
Level 3 Consumes 36 HP to increase damage by 14%.
Duration 5 seconds.
39s cooldown.
Level 4 Consumes 34 HP to increase damage by 16%.
Duration 5 seconds.
36s cooldown.
Level 5 Consumes 32 HP to increase damage by 18%.
Duration 5s.
33s cooldown.
Level 6 Consumes 30 HP to increase damage by 20%.
Duration 5s.
30s cooldown.
‘Going Bersek’ Skill Stats

3. New Plan: Bermuda Map

The map of Bermuda is one of the oldest maps, and one of Free Fire’s most famous maps. Recently this map has been revised to make it a little more packed to give rise to more tactics and become as tactical as the Kalahari map overall.

Several new locations in the ‘Bermuda: Remastered’ Map Clash Squad mode have already been released. Now these locations are likely to be made available in both classic and ranked mode progressively as well. Even the famous tactical spots, such as the Clock tower, Bimasakti strip, Peak, etc., will be revamped.

These improvements to the map are sure to make it gameplay-wise and competitive. Many of the new sites were inspired by real-life sites. The modified map is currently being implemented through the partnership between La Casa De Papel and Free Fire under Plan Bermuda.


4. New Weapons

Recently, it has been customary to expect every update patch to be at least one new weapon in the game, to enhance and develop on the combat experience. Well, the update patch for Free Fire OB24 won’t let you down on that either.

Not one but three new weapons will be added into the game. Two of them are going to be Long Range rifles, more like sniper rifles that feed on AR munitions. The third arm is in the form of a flame thrower, a close-range tertiary one.


The M21 Woodpecker can use AR ammunition, has high armor-piercing capabilities and is considered to be highly effective and lethal. It offers a base dmg of 72 on goals hanging on the training field. This could be considered an ideal replacement for the SKS.

It supports all the attachments that you may like therein. All except a pre-attached 4x lens.


This is also going to be an assault cum sniper rifle, consuming AR ammo in this game. The ParaFAL 7.62mm M964 A1 MD1 is a 7.62×51mm NATO battle rifle which is a lighter-weight modification of the 30-year-old Brazilian-licensed and built FN FAL, MD2, and MD3.

It can support all the attachments which an AR gun would be able to support. From silencers, muzzles, foregrips, stocks, mag expanded to 2x, 4x scopes. It is a high-firepower firearm with a good fire rate. This could be a suitable alternative to the M14.

Flame Thrower

A tertiary weapon to bring into this game, a first of its kind. When using this tool, goal assist will be switched off. When near enough it bursts a gush of a flame giving the enemy chunks of damage.

Can be a strong USP replacement, G18. Especially when it gets crowded it will be all the handier so you can just spray your way out of the battle spot.

5. New Pet

Keeping up with what has now become a tradition, a new pet will also make its way into the lands in the game in this upcoming Free Fire OB24 update patch. It looks like a raccoon. Its skill name is Stay Chill. It wears a rather odd ‘punk’ styled outfit expressing its love for what it loves rather than following what’s in trend or popular.

It is also going to have a skill that’ll reduce the cooldown period of the owner’s active skill. Its name will be Rockie. It’ll be apparently reducing the cooldown of active skill by 10% at pet level 5.

Free Fire OB24 update: Other in-game changes

  • New Display Interface to check out weaponry. The new weapon section looks much better than the previous one.
  • Availability of armor in the Training Grounds. Players will now be able to wear helmets and vests while practicing on the training grounds. This was a much-needed feature demanded by the players all over the world.
  • New emotes: Several new emotes, including one Indian emote called ‘Bhangra’ will be introduced. The Indian server players are going to like this emote especially, as it has a connection with the Indian tradition of expressing emotions through the dance form called the same.
  • New Weapon Section will be available other than the one mentioned above. This section will be for crafting and collection of fragments for weapons just like players have been doing for the characters.
  • New FFCS Content and Events: The Free Fire OB24 update patch will also feature contents related to the ‘Free Fire Continental Series‘ in which the best teams of the world will be facing off each other. The tentative date for the Asia server matches is 29th November.

When is Free Fire OB24 update arriving?

The final question that arises is that when will the Free Fire OB24 update be coming to the scene. There has been no official declaration regarding the date of release of this update but we can expect it to release in late September. More information will be released as soon as we get it.



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