Why Among Us PC is trending after the release in 2018?

While released in 2018, Among Us recently reportedly shot up the trending list. It is currently one of Steam’s most popular action-based games, and on mobile devices as well. But the question that arises is why this game suddenly launched nearly 2 years after release into the spotlight? Here are the 3 factors in the trending list for this sudden increase of Among Us.



What’s Among Us?

Among Us is a game style murder-mystery available for both PC and Smartphone. Players are given either the role of Crewmate or Impostor (max 3). The Impostors are expected to destroy the crewmates without being detected. The role of the crewmates is to discover who the impostor is by problem-solving and communication, while the impostors must try to hold away suspicion.

During meetings, the entire crew can choose who they think is the impostor to vote out. If they’re right then their 1 impostor down, but if they’re wrong you and the rest of the crew just helped the impostor by tossing an innocent out. That’s what brings the game’s best aspect of meetings. What takes the fun out of Among Us is the confusion about who to trust, and the need to prove yourself innocent.


Why is Among Us Beloved now?

For several reasons, Among Us was on the trending list. For this increase in popularity here are the most significant ones.

1. Twitch Streams: first shot

A Twitch employee, Pluto has recommended the game to a Twitch Streamer called Sodapoppin, going by name. He then went on to stream Among Us to his 2.8 million Twitch followers, along with a group of his colleagues.

Most viewers seemed to enjoy the game, which led to popularity among other Streamers, YouTubers, and the daily community. Overall, social media played a huge part in trending the game. A lot of famous celebrities on the internet were playing the game to a large crowd.


2. The Henry Stickmin Collection is published

On August 7th, 2020, the developers as well as Among Us publishers, Innersloth, released The Henry Stickmin Collection, which was a popular game among Streamers and YouTubers.

The same developers were Among Us publishers too, some people have chosen to try it out.

3. The low cost of the Among Us

The final explanation might not be as significant as the other two, but it still played a major role in the popularity increase in the game. During the Steam Summer Sale, Among Us fell to $1, which was too much for a game like this. Even, on the whole, Among Us isn’t as expensive as other major games as it sits at a fair $5.

The game is also totally free on Mobile devices, so there’s no justification why you shouldn’t install it there. There are some advertisements and IAPs in your gaming experience but they really aren’t a concern.


A bit of a nudge and a boom!

Among Us suddenly shot to the limelight, because it proved to be a very fun game. The majority of people loved the game and it certainly had the potential from its release in 2018. All it took was a little bit of nudge. The reasons above and many more all played a part in the trend.

The game now sits on Steam’s 11th most famous count by users. It is also on the number 1 spot for both Android and iOS Top Free Games. You’ll see a lot of major celebrities on the internet playing this game, maybe you should try it too. Playing with a group of friends is the best way of playing Among Us of course. It can also be very fun to play a public game though.


Source: GamingonPhone



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