Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Bunny X 777 Event will introduce new characters and bonuses

Popular sci-fi RPG shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will be kicking off the Bunny X 777 Event on May 18, 2023. This event introduces a new story, login bonuses, and characters game, as well as a new costume designed exclusively for Rupee, who will be getting a new bunny attire for her default character form.

The event will feature two new Nikkes, Blanc and Noir, twins dressed in bunny suits who first appeared in Chapter 22 of the main story.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Bunny X 777 Event Overview

Level Infinite recently marked its first half-year anniversary which featured new characters and events. Apart from the Bunny X 777 story event, a lot more is on offer which we will list below.

New Characters: SSR Blanc and SSR Noir

The new character BlancCoin Rush’s bunny girl who brings luck, joins the battlefield in this update. Blanc is a Defender Class Nikke with a White Pollux weapon. Blanc constantly restores HP and boosts the squad’s durability by erecting a shared shield that shields her comrades. Her Burst Skill has the indomitability function and gives full defense for the weakest ally.

New SSR Bunny 777 event

Image via Level Infinite

The second new SSR, Noir is an Attacker with Black Castor. As long as she manages her HP well, she can continuously magnify the entire squad’s ATK. When using Burst Skill, she reinforces all Nikkes who are using shotguns and increases damage to certain interruption parts. She can also interrupt the Boss’s attack.

New Costume and Commodities

Rupee will be getting a Rabbit Deluxe costume. Rabbit Deluxe can be obtained from Luxury Bunny along with a new voice, standing pose, and shooting pose. New packages including the luxury Bunny Costume Ticket will be available after the May 18, 2023 maintenance, which you can check in the limited shop offers.

login event 777

Image via Level Infinite

Union Raid will begin on May 26. Challenge the boss with your Union members, collect Union Chips, and exchange rewards. Log in for any seven days throughout the event to receive goodies. The 7-Day Login Event will be live on update. Log in for 7 days straight, you will receive Recruit Vouchers and development materials.

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