How can I improve my RP rating in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has quickly become one of the country’s most desirable battle royale titles. It has surpassed the 50 million download mark on Android smartphones alone, and now that it has been released for iOS devices, it will be interesting to watch if it continues to set records.

Players can choose between two types of Royal Passes offered by BGMI: a free Royal Pass and an Elite Royal Pass that must be purchased with UC. Aside from the in-game shop and events, the Royal Pass is the only means to get exclusive prizes like weapon skins and clothing. Players can claim better rewards and the perfectionist title for Royal Pass as they progress through the rankings.

Every player wishes to grow their RP rank in BGMI as quickly as possible in order to obtain the benefits before the Royal Pass schedule expires. This article discusses how players can improve their RP rank in BGMI through various strategies.

How to increase RP rank in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

1) Complete RP missions

Completing RP tasks, which are refreshed weekly, is the quickest method to earn additional RP points and raise your RP rank in BGMI. Each week, players will be assigned a new mission. The following are the RP missions for week four:

Travel more than 20000m in classic mode while driving any car.
In Classic Mode, equip the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle for more than 20 minutes.
In classic mode, kill four enemies with shotguns in Livik, Miramar, and Erangel.
To eliminate players, use M16A4. In classic mode or mission ignition, do this 12 times.
In Arena, Scar-L must defeat 100 adversaries.
Compensator can be obtained after 15 matches in classic mode or Mission Ignition.
In Arena, kill 80 foes with M16A4

2) Complete Daily Missions

Completing daily assignments will reward players RP points, which will enhance their weekly activity points. Players will also receive 10 RP points each day simply for logging into the game. If a player meets the following number of weekly activity points, they will receive RP points. If a player earns 100 RP points, they will be promoted to the following rank.

30 RP points for every 100 points earned
40 RP points – 140 points
50 RP points – 260 points
60 RP points – 320 points

Open Premium and Classic Crates

When players open Premium Crates or Classic Crates, they will receive 10 RP points. Both of these crates include legendary and mythic rewards, allowing players to earn both goodies and RP points. With the use of UC and coupons, these boxes can be unlocked.

Aside from these options, users can also purchase 100 RP points from the Shop for 100 UC. RP mission cards can also be used to complete RP Missions and gain points in order to advance in BGMI’s RP ranking system.

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