In State of Survival, how do you change your state?

State of Survival is a strategy game in which players must defend themselves against swarms of zombies. State of Survival, as one of the top survival-strategy games, is chock-full of elements that we all want in a Zombie Apocalypse game. Players can recruit new survivors, construct new defenses and structures, join coalitions, and unlock new heroes, among other things.

In State of Survival, a state is defined as the various game servers. There are multiple servers for the game because it is real-time. As a result, we arrive to our issue for today: How may players modify a state in State of Survival? Before you answer that, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Players must upgrade their HQ to LVL 2 in order to change state in the State of Survival, as they will receive a new item called Rookie Relocator as a reward.
Once a player reaches LVL 10 or has played the game for more than 5 days in a certain state, they are unable to change it.

State of Survival – How to change state or server

The simple steps for shifting states in State of Survival are listed below.

Step 1: Launch State of Survival on your device of choice.

Step 2.) To access the wilderness, go to the bottom left corner of the game screen and click on the globe-like icon.

Step 3.) To access the State Map Menu, click the map button in the lower right corner of the Wilderness screen.

Step 4.) Tap the globe to access the world map section, where you can choose which states you’d like to join.

Step 5.) After choosing a state, players are directed to the capital of that state. Then, to see a map of that state, click on the map icon.

Step 6.) Now look for an empty location and join it.

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