How to Solve VT Disabled Warning from AVAST

This is BKM about how to solve VT disabled warning on some machines installed AVAST, contributed by Pavel Blahout at Facebook.


As some friends report, they will get a warning of hardware-assistant virtualization (VT) feature disabled when start MEmu, although they have already enabled it in BIOS and verified it with LeoMoon Tool.


If you by chance installed AVAST antivirus on your machine, please try to follow below steps.

  1. Go Settings->Troubleshooting, disable self-defense module.
  2. Search for the file “C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\avast5.ini” and open it in Notepad as admin. In the section “[Common]”, add “VirtualizationMechanisms=0” without quotes.

Particularly, for some old version AVAST, you only need to disable hardware-assisted virtualization in Troubleshooting setting.



Many thanks to Pavel Blahout’s great sharing! 

Note: AVAST is not only one antivirus software which occupy hardware-assisted virtualization feature exclusively. So try to find similar setting if you install some other antivirus software.


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