Identity V on PC has released its new map Dark Woods

NetEase’s first 1v4 Asymmetrical mobile game Identity V just released its latest map Dark Woods. The evil that lies deep down in the nightmare comes back featuring withered trees, polluted rivers, and frightening animals. Players will get a sort of spooky feeling while following the detective’s steps into the depths of Dark Woods and finding the way back together.

The Sealed Past when Mountain Fire burned everything down

This used to be the most beautiful forest in Oletus Manor, with lush trees, cute animals playing everywhere, and children laughing and playing around. But after the Gamekeeper Bane’s accident, the forest was completely shut down, not only for poachers but also visitors. This didn’t last long, after the owner of the Manor and his wife passed away, the forest that lacked maintenance, was later destroyed in a mountain fire.

Identity V Dark Woods map
Identity V Dark Woods map brings back the nightmare

Since then, the beautiful forest was then sealed in the dust. Nobody has ever seen that Gamekeeper again, but the legend of Dark Woods was passed on ever after.

The Nightmare of Dark Woods comes back to haunt again

Traces of the past can be vaguely found in the barren forest. The withered trees stood quietly like ghosts in the dark night, the once-clear gurgling rivers were now dirty green, and the animals became hideous and creepy.

Identity V Dark Woods map

Identity V Dark Woods map

With abandoned swings, vines hanging from trees, and crane ropes, players can quickly pass through on the terrain. Map elements such as cages, hidden hunter traps, and abandoned Gamekeeper huts can be seen everywhere in the map scene, which will also bring more tactical possibilities to the battle and more changes to the chase.

In the second phase of the all-server mission of the Time of Reunion, players have experienced the map of Dark Woods in advance, helped or prevented the little girl from escaping. The map of Dark Woods is now officially available in the game, and all players can go to this forest to explore the mystery.

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