InZOI release date window, trailers, gameplay, and latest news

When is the InZOI release date? The ‘next-gen’ life sim is the latest in Krafton’s stable, and it’s got the life sim community all a-flutter. While the South Korean company is most known for the likes of PUBG Battlegrounds and Dark and Darker, this time around, it’s got a potential successor to The Sims series on its hands.

InZOI joins Sims 4 competitors Life by You and Paralives in their efforts to unseat EA’s genre-defining giant from its throne, though it appears to be striking in a very different direction from its peers. Instead of limitless customization or a stylized dream house, InZOI aims to turn heads with photorealistic visuals – a real first for life games. Do we have a Sims rival on our hands? That remains to be seen – for now, here’s everything we know about the InZOI release date, including the latest trailers and gameplay footage.

InZOI release date window

InZOI is due to release in late 2024 according to developer Krafton. It was officially unveiled during G-Star 2023, the largest videogame trade show in Korea.

Krafton is yet to confirm whether InZOI will be available on Steam, though it seems likely that it’ll make its way onto the platform given that the vast majority of Krafton’s games appear on Valve’s digital storefront.

Equally, it’s currently unclear whether InZOI will be available on console – but given the high graphical fidelity afforded by Unreal Engine 5, it’s a safe bet to assume that it’ll only be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S if it does come to console.

InZOI gameplay

InZOI’s gameplay will be familiar to anyone who’s had the slightest brush with life sims before. Your main goal is to keep the people (or Zois) you create happy and satisfied by attending to their hunger, hygiene, and other basic needs – but as any Sims fan knows well, this is only scratching the surface of InZOI’s capabilities. The open-world game boasts a number of homes, workplaces, and other points of interest, and creating your Zoi is just the beginning.

Many of the hallmarks of everyday life as popularized by The Sims make an appearance in this gameplay trailer. The denizens of InZOI sweep up broken glass, water their house plants, and accidentally set fire to their ovens. They can also engage in their favorite hobbies, from playing a musical instrument to painting and dancing.

Naturally, work is a part of life, and there are plenty of employment opportunities for your Zois to aspire to – whether that’s tapping away at a computer in a high-rise office block, washing dishes in the back of a takeaway restaurant, or mopping up the floors of the local convenience store. There’s even a brief glimpse of a Zoi undergoing basic training, performing push-ups in their barracks while their superior looks on. Whether they actually enjoy any of these tasks is down to their aspirations and personality, though InZOI’s emotive mood system is a surefire indicator either way.

Inzoi release date: A Zoi poses like Joaquin Phoenix's The Joker in the character creation suite.

InZoi character customization

InZOI appears to be courting Krafton’s home market in its early gameplay trailers, showcasing in-game activities that align with Korean culture and lifestyles – such as stopping by a PC cafe for a few hours to play (what else?) InZOI or trying your luck at a claw machine arcade. The gameplay we’ve seen so far is also replete with East Asian representation, though the palette of 35 skin tones hints at a wider diversity in the character creator suite.

As you might expect, InZOI’s character creator has a wealth of hairstyles, outfits, and accessories to adequately capture your Zois’ unique personality. In a bizarre moment, the gameplay trailer displays a Zoi dressed up as the Joker, though we imagine this is possible thanks to InZOI’s extensive character and outfit customization tools rather than any kind of official collaboration with DC Comics.

People of all different ages appear in InZOI, and we can take control of and interact with babies, toddlers, and elderly Zois alike. We expect that all of them will age over time, though whether this will be an incremental development or a succession of life stages remains to be seen.

Inzoi release date: A snapshot of build mode in the life sim, which include the AI prompt generator for patterns and colors.

InZOI build mode

InZOI’s build mode bears a strong resemblance to The Sims, offering an extensive catalog of items to construct and furnish your Zoi’s home. New walls, floors, and windows are just a few clicks away, and each room can be kitted out to your exact specifications.

However, InZOI appears to go one step further than providing the usual palette of preset colors and patterns by granting prospective interior designers the ability to generate an AI image via an in-game search prompt. Once generated, these images can be applied to decorative items – such as bedspreads or photo frames – to give houses a truly personal touch. It’s also possible to mix and match various elements of specific furnishings, such as a chair cushion and legs, providing more diversification without the help of mods.

Inzoi release date: Psykhet, the mascot-like cat that appears throughout the life sim's trailers and gameplay.

InZOI pets

Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention Psykhet, the fluffy cat that appears in both gameplay trailers. It appears to be a mascot of sorts, notifying your Zois via text (yes, really) of the latest neighborhood developments. While it doesn’t appear outside of the character creator in any of the gameplay footage we’ve seen thus far, its very presence suggests that we might encounter pets in InZOI.

There’s still a lot we don’t know ahead of the InZoi release date, such as the potential for microtransactions and LGBTQIA+ representation, so be sure to check back regularly for all the latest announcements, news, and updates. In the meantime, check out some of the best games like Sims 4 if you’re looking for a new life sim experience. Alternatively, we’ve got information on the Sims 5 release date and Project Rene if you’re not prepared to give up on EA Maxis just yet.

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