MEmu 2.6.1 is released!

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Please visit to download the MEmu 2.6.1 package.

Release Notes for 2.6.1:

  • Add operation record and replay
  • Add virtual camera, like scan QR code from file
  • Add notification pass through Windows systray
  • Add support to scale window size
  • Add support to set window position
  • Add more multilingual support, including bahasa Indonesia, Czech, Italian, Japanese and Thai
  • Improve launcher layout, like recycle bin
  • Improve compatibility with Google, Chrome and Boombeach
  • Improve stability of APK offline install
  • Fix system hang issue when wake up from sleep mode
  • Fix infinite loop issue of Windows driver repair
  • Fix some tiny bugs

Note: Please backup your original data ahead of offline manual update, while online automatic update will be started in a couple of days.



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