How to use Operation Recorder

#How to use Operation Record in Android Emulator?#

Operation Record might is not a very common function but it definitely is a useful one on MEmu. This blog will introduce you some simple steps to use this function when you need to automate mouse and keyboard operations.

1. Choose the “Operation Recorder” option on the sidebar. You are able to start record operations by the “Record” button.

2. You are able to pause or stop the recording process from the control sidebar on the top.

3. Generate a record after the recording stops.

4. Move the mouse to details to view specific information.

5. The operation script can be played back, parameter set, deleted, imported, exported, etc.

6. You are able to edit the setting of recording to achieve some advanced operations.

Let’s focus on the two new features added in version 9.0.9:
1. Randomly fine-tune the click position during runtime: After checking, running the script will randomly adjust the click position within a small range to simulate real click behavior.
2. Stop the script after returning to the desktop: If the game crashes abnormally after checking, the script will automatically stop to avoid accidental triggering.

7. Combine scripts
Click “Combine scripts” on the homepage to enter.

Click on the script you want to combine, and a combine list will appear on the right. Press and hold the line to drag and sort.

Note: Before replaying the script, please make sure restore to the initial state.


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