MEmu 5.6.1 is Released!

MEMU 5.6.1 is official released!  
md5: 164e2fb4a085505ee007999f8310e844
Google Drive


Change Log:

  • Add support to custom Macro in key-mapping (HOW-TO)
  • Add support to drag&drop to copy file from Windows to Android
  • Improve the user experience of operation synchronizer
  • Improve the user experience of shared folder
  • Fix the issue of mouse wheel malfunction when display FPS
  • Fix the issue of some keys in keypad malfunction when key-mapping
  • Fix some tiny bugs

– It will take a little bit longer to start at the first time.
– It will take longer to install if you have many existed VMs to override.
– Override install doesn’t support downgrade to MEmu 5.3 or earlier revision.


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