League of Legends Mobile? Maybe it’s sooner than you could imagine

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League of Legends, one of the most popular PC games among in the past decade, finally seems to have lost its patience. The messages about a new game: Leagues of Legends mobile just went viral on the Internet. According to multiple resources, Riot, the producer of the games is now working on a mobile version of LOL.

Why League of Legends Mobile?

league of legends的圖片搜尋結果

For some Moba games players, the idea of playing a Moba game on a mobile device seems to be impossible. It is a bunch of fun, however, for those who spend hours on, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends or Nnmyoji Arena. First launched in November 2015, the Moba games on mobile were unstoppable all over the world. The Chinese government has criticized Honor of Kings(Arena of Valor’s Chinese version) in public. Because the pupils in the country played the game too much. So, in a word, the games are just hot.

As the most played Moba game in the world. League of Legends has its own player foundation. But the game has not gained a single penny with the development of the mobile game market. If there is a way to keep making profits from players who love LOL and want to play it on Mobile?

League of Legends Mobile by whom?

Riot does not have experience in developing mobile games. So, to release the game fast but with quality, it has to choose a partner. Let’s see the developers of all three popular mobile Moba games. They are Tencent, Netease and Moonton.

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We will start with Moonton. A company is known for its work, Mobile Legends. However, it’s hard to find their second work after Mobile Legends. Will they cooperate with a direct companion? I think the answer is no. As for the rest, both Tencent and Netease are giants in the mobile gaming industry. However, for Tencent, its road to being a giant cannot work with the help of LOL. As the advent of LOL in China, Tencent gained both revenue and reputation which made itself a worldwide game company.

How will League of Legends mobile look like?

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Since League of League Mobile will be an official product of Riot, it will have a lot of things in common with the PC version. From our perspective, maybe the relation between LOL and LOL mobile is like the relation between Fortnight and its mobile version. They will share the skin system, the rank system and so on. One in his office and play a game using mobile with his buddy at home who’s using a PC

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