MEmu 7.0.1 is officially released!

Release note:

Totally new UI.
Greatly optimized performance of MEmu, especially on low-end devices.
New GPU memory optimization setting added. Enable it can reduce runtime GPU memory usage.
Add the option to turn on/off anti-flicker and screen capture.
Add option to turn on/off app tabs
Add function to auto-start MEmu with Windows.
Add shortcuts of volume up/down.
Fix the occasional issue that the switch between app labs is too slow.
Fix the occasional issue that the names of VMs are wrong in synchronizer.
Fix the occasional issue that MEmu gets black screen on PC with integrated GPU (Intel HD graphic series). (New for 7.0.1)

For Multi-MEmu
Add group function
Add randomize function
Add batch settings for all the VMs
Add filters to choose VMs

Fix the compatibility of these games: COR, Valkyrie Connect, PUBG Mobile Lite, One Punch Man, Garena Call of Duty Mobile, 棒球殿堂Rise

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