New feature walk-through in MEmu 7.0

Here is a brief walk-through to new features in MEmu Android Emulator 7.0

1. New UI design for a better user experience

The new UI, simpler and full of sense of high-tech. The interaction between the users and MEmu will be smoother and more convenient.

New start-up interface.

New setting interface

2. Core-engine upgraded & great optimization for almost all games

We’ve updated the core engine of MEmu in MEmu 7.0. Compared with MEmu 6.0 version, the general performance has been improved by 30%. Which means, the frame rate of the gaming experience is much higher and more stable than the previous version. The color and quality of graphics are all improved.

3. Ultimate optimization for Multi-instances.

Compared with the previous version, MEmu 7.0 uses much fewer resources of your PC when running multiple emulators. With the same specs, you can now run more emulators at the same time on a single PC.

4. Efficiency management of Multi-instances

We’ve introduced multiple changes in the management of Multi-MEmu (MEmu Multiple Instance Manager).

  • Batch Settings can be used to adjust the specs of different emulators at the same time. It helps you out of the busy work before setting all things up.

  • Now there’s another config for all the emulators: Grouping, instances can be divided into different groups. We think this could really be a great help for those who manage a lot of emulators.

  • Also, now it is possible to find your emulators quickly with the help of the new Filter feature. You can filter the VMs by Name, Index, Android Version, Status, etc.

Other features of MEmu 7.0:

Add the option to turn on/off anti-flicker and screen capture.
Add option to turn on/off app tabs
Add function to auto-start MEmu with Windows.
Add shortcuts of volume up/down.
Fix the occasional issue that the switch between app labs is too slow.
Fix the occasional issue that the names of VMs are wrong in synchronizer.
Fix the occasional issue that MEmu gets a black screen on PC with integrated GPU (Intel HD graphic series).

Fix the compatibility of these games: COR, Valkyrie Connect, PUBG Mobile Lite, One Punch Man, Garena Call of Duty Mobile, 棒球殿堂Rise

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