MEmu 7.2.2 is officially released!

What’s new:

– Added Membership Center which offers premium features to customize the interface and remove the ads. Check-in daily to win MEmu premium membership and rare skin for free!

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– Added vertical sensitivity support

– Added “WASD” operation mode (switch swiping speed between 3 modes)

– Added “cooperate keymapping” (trigger the press/release action on separate locations)

What’s fixed:

– Fixed the issue of macro key offset caused by scaled-up system resolution (affecting Free Fire)

– Fixed the issue of shared accounts in a few games

– Fixed the skill release issue of “Arena of Valor”

– Fixed the movement issue of “Brawl Stars”

– Fixed the issue that “LifeAfter” can’t sprint in the oblique direction

– Fixed the first skill failure issue on the four skill heroes of “Mobile Legends”

– Fix the compatibility issue of “Kwai”

– Fix the issue that some Xbox controllers are not detected

MEmuC optimization:

– Support options to exit settings

– Fix the issue that the window hidden by the boss key cannot be activated