Brawl Stars PC Season 2 Update: Summer of Monsters

Brawl Stars Season 2 “Summer of Monsters” starts on July 6th and will run for 10 weeks. And with this latest update, it’s time to explore the all-new Brawl Pass, Brawler, game mode, gadgets, and much more. So, we will discuss the Brawl Stars season 2 update in detail in this article.

New Brawler – Surge

Surge is a chromatic brawler from season two. His main attack divides into two projectiles when an enemy is hit with each projectile dealing half the initial shot’s damage. The super Surge allows him to upgrade in three phases. The first stage increases the speed of his flight, the second stage increases the range and the third stage increases the number of split projectiles from two to six. His star power will allow him to break his main attack, whether it hits an opponent or not, and his device will allow him to rotate up to four tiles in the direction he faces.

We hope Surge will be a mid-tier brawler, viable for in-game modes such as Gem Grab and Hot Zone for high-skill players. His super will take a while to get charged and once it’s crucial to stay alive so his upgrades don’t reset. Although his attack is close to that of Gene, I don’t think he will take Gene ‘s place, as Gene is one of Gem Grab ‘s best Brawlers, and it’s hard to tell right now if he’s going to find a spot in the rosters of pro players.


New Game Mode – Super City Rampage

The new game mode is composed of three brawlers trying to stop a boss from destroying a town in less than two minutes.

This game mode will be just as enjoyable as Boss Fight, which I believe gets pretty tedious and boring after playing it for the first time. If you’re looking for a casual play that doesn’t affect your trophy count, however, this game mode is great for you


New Gadgets

New gadgets have been shown for some of the brawlers in the most recent Brawl Talk. Shelly had a long range, El Primo had some form of a meteor crash in front of him, and Piper had a bending shot to name a few.

My thoughts on adding a second gadget are this: while I love incorporating new content that keeps the game fresh and exciting, I don’t want to see such a crowded mess of options, driving more and more brawlers to the point of becoming obsessed.


Introduction of ‘True Gold Skins’ and ‘True Silver Skins’

Supercell is, at last, taking something important to the gold-rich players. Players can buy ‘True Silver Skins’ with 10,000 gold, and 25,000 gold ‘True Gold Skins.’ Though, first, players need to purchase the silver skins to get the gold skin.

More Pins and Trophy road extension up to 50,000

In the game, more pins are added. So for the pin lovers, this is definitely positive news.


Not only this, but the trophy path extension is also one of the best features of this update to Brawl Stars season 2. Players will get a limit of 50,000 trophies starting July 6!

Final thoughts

We can infer from the recent Brawl Talk that (mostly) the new season is going to be healthy. The skins look fantastic, the new brawler looks fun to play with, and the accessories look nice. Nonetheless, I also worry that if Supercell continues to add more and more brawlers and skills to the game, more and more brawlers will cease to be a viable play choice.