Mobile Legends Heroes Revamp Concept in Project NEXT 2023 explains Model changes, new voicelines and more

As the September 2023 Project Next Update is fast approaching, the developers of Mobile LegendsMOONTON Games have posted official information on the upcoming Heroes Revamp concept, which is releasing on this September. The Hero Revamp has been teased to include Eruditio Heroes like JohnsonLayla and Bruno, amongst others. Without much further ado, let’s check some details of some of the changes that are coming to the selected Eruditio Rangers Heroes.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2023 Update: Heroes Revamp Concept

The new Upcoming Project Next Update for September 2023 focuses on our favourite Eruditio Heroes stories. The developers intend to create a more intensive and consistent gaming experience for all players in this upcoming update. Hence, for this September 2023 Project Next Update, the devs intend to fully upgrade all the Eruditio Rangers by upgrading some of their looks, lores and skill effects. The Revamp change that is coming for some of the heroes includes the likes of Layla, Johnson and Bruno.


Layla has been redesigned to match more detailed features of her Eruditio background. Hence, her display animation has been reworked to match better the new story of Eruditio and the display profile background. Layla’s art design has been revamped to contain more detailed features like:

Mobile Legends September 2023 Project Next

Image via MOONTON Games

  • Electromagnetic Slidable Goggles: The lenses are suspended and can slide on the frame. When wearing the goggles, the Lenses turn translucent as to what’s observed during hero display animation.
  • Layla now has a new Trinket based on Eruditio Tech that holds the memories of her past. The energy core is now exposed and can be seen directly. Whilst the characteristics of the weapon, the outer contours were retained, in short, the weapon was redesigned to match Eruditio’s technology and Layla’s Backstory.
  • The Revamped Hero Bio of Layla focuses more on her Blood Relatives. The developers want to bring the tragedy of a broken family and the epic of a city to the players. They would be able to understand how these all have forged Layla into the bright and powerful model.
  • Lastly, More in-game Voice lines for Layla have been updated, these new Voice lines would show more characteristics of the Ranger and the bonds they share together. The new voice lines include:
    • Through Science, Eruditio aims to create a better future for all
    • My Mum sacrificed her life for this city, I won’t let anything happen to it!
    • Johnson! Here is your speeding ticket!


Bruno has been redesigned and his new motion and display animation will now focus on the core feature of Bruno playing with the football. More information on the Revamp shows that Bruno’s art design has been revamped to contain more detailed features like:


Image via MOONTON Games

  • The craftsmanship of his armour was improved, making them more Fashionable and Youthful.
  • Without changing the original design of his assaulting method, The Football, more Eruditio features and designs have been added.
  • The developers have also worked on highlighting the cutting-edge Eruditio technology that was used in the design of his mechanical Legs.
  • The revamped hero bio of Bruno would now focus on more details about how Bruno got his mechanical legs. His legs were lost due to his heroic deeds in an accident. With the help of Eruditio technology, a once-normal nobody has now embraced his new life and become the Captain of the Eruditio Rangers.
  • Lastly, more in-game Voice lines for Bruno have been scheduled to be updated with the pre-existing in-game Voice lines, the new line includes:
    • Eruditio’s Science is shaping the future, it’s already shaped mine. 
    • The Eruditio Rangers are a Premier team, and we’re Recruiting!
    • Let’s show ‘em what it means to be an Eruditio Ranger!


The famous car-transforming hero, Johnson would be getting a model Revamp. Hence, Johnson’s motions and display animation have been redesigned and remade. Now, the Hero showcases more power which is in line with his background as a Cyborg.

Mobile Legends September 2023 Project Next

Image via MOONTON Games

The Advanced Server leaks also show that the Revamped Johnson would be getting a new improvement to his ultimate, i.e. when he’s transformed into a car. Other nearby heroes can choose to enter the car by clicking on a small indicator shown on the screen, whenever Johnson is driving near to one. This new skill has been applauded as it gives room for various hero combos while Johnson drives around the map.

More information on the Revamp shows that Johnson’s Art design has been Revamped to contain more detailed features like:

  • Johnson’s body now has a more fluent shape, with a more mechanical online.
  • Johnson’s mechanical form has been modified to have several distinctive touches
  • The original shield structure for Johnson was retained, but the developers have added more intricate designs like some alien designs and mechanical structures to it.
  • The Revamped hero bio of Johnson would now be introducing a new narrative of his hometown. Born and bred in a society where speed is everything, he was once a hero of the commoners. After he travelled to the Land of Dawn, he again stopped a cosmic crisis with everyone in Eruditio fighting by his side.
  • Lastly, more in-game Voice lines have been scheduled to be updated with the pre-existing in-game Voice lines, the new line includes:
    • Don’t blink or you’ll miss me!
    • I don’t need a rare-view mirror, cos I never look back
    • Fancy a ride, Layla?

That’s all about the information on the Hero Revamp with the Project NEXT Update 2023 in Mobile Legends, coming in September.

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