Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.62 Update: New hero Novaria, Hero Adjustments and more

With the Patch 1.7.58 Update in the Original Server live two weeks back in the main server of Mobile Legends, it is time for the developers at MOONTON Games to introduce a new hero, Novaria in the Advanced Server. Other than the new hero, there will be some Hero Adjustments along with some extra Battlefield Adjustments. Let us break down the Patch 1.7.62 Update of Mobile Legends in detail.

In the upcoming Season 28, developers will be launching a new Mythic system with a new rank and will be optimizing the Mythic Points system to the Stars system. Developers have also optimized the Placement Match experience, added Display Logos for Mythic ranks, and a new Mythic Rank Exclusive Skin Voting system.

New Hero: Novaria

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.62 Update, Novaria-Mobile-Legends-gameplay

Novaria is a long-range mage who joins the Advanced Server with the current Patch Update. Being the 120th hero of Mobile Legends, the hero’s main plus point is her buffed attack and AoE damage. This is combined with her long rage skill-casting abilities. Novoria can be used as a deadly sniper mage on the battlefield.


Passive – Star Trail (Damage)

Basically, this passive skill will enhance Novaria skill 2’s second phase. After being hit by Novaria’s skill, enemies will be marked (showing an orb sign on top of the enemy), and if they are hit by the Astral sphere (Skill 2, Phase 2), then the marked enemy will receive Magic damage equal to 15% of the enemies Max HP.  

Skill 1 – Astral Meteor (Slow, Area of Effect)

This is the first skill for Novaria. The skill is as simple as its name. Upon casting this skill, it will summon meteors in a designated place while dealing 100 (+25% Total Magic Power)/110/120/130/140/150 magic damage and slowing down the enemies by 20%;


If they are hit by it, the meteor shower will continue while dealing 50 (+15% Total Magic damage)/55/60/65/70/75 magic damage and slowing them down by 10% (capped at 60%). It is kind of similar to Yve’s second skill, but Novaria’s skill deals an extra 80% damage to minions.

Skill 2 – Astral Recall (Burst, Buff)

This is a very unique skill for Novaria, especially because this skill makes her a sniper, as we discussed earlier. This skill has two phases: first, it summons a sphere to her position (feels like Aamon’s skill 2), and in phase two, you can release it again in a designated direction to strike down the enemies, while at the same time, Nova can pass through walls.

The first phase will deal 150 (+40% Total Magic Power)/180/210/240/270/300 amount of magic damage and then the second phase means when she launches the sphere within 2 seconds it will deal 300 (+80% Total Magic Power)/350/400/500/550 magic damage to enemies plus 200% extra damage based on the sphere’s travel time. It simply means that the longer it goes, the more damage it will deal to enemies.

Ultimate Skill 3 – Astral Echo (Buff)

This skill has a long-range effect as well. Basically, Nova shoots a beam-type thing known as Astral Chains in the designated direction, and this will lock the enemy and reveal nearby enemies’ positions while dealing 200 (+30% Total Magic Power)/250/300 magic damage. The special thing is that it increases the hitbox of the target by 50%. If you use the ultimate near your tower, then the tower will increase its shooting rage and hit the enemy automatically.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.62 Update: Hero Adjustments

Freya (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.62 Update, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.34 Update

Freya in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Experimental Changes: While Freya has great sustainability, she plays more or less the same as other heroes that rely on Basic Attacks. Developers are, therefore, trying to give her the ability to chain combos together easier, and in some circumstances, indefinitely. They will keep an eye on how this affects her power and will make further changes as needed.

Skill 1

Skill 1 is no longer enhanced by Sacred Orb nor does it cost any Sacred Orbs.

Skill 2

Skill casts to trigger Airborne: 3 >> 2

Reworked how its cooldown works: Knocking enemies Airborne no longer triggers cooldown. Cooldown instead triggers after not casting it for a while.


Developers still believe that they need to speed up Joy’s damage pacing. However, the developers are reverting the changes to her movement speed this time around as that altered the way she played too much.


Now boosts movement speed again.

Skill 2

It no longer boosts movement speed.


It no longer boosts movement speed.

Revamped Minsitthar

Image via MOONTON Games

Skill 2 should now feel better and be easier to hit enemy heroes with. Slightly reducing his potential in teamfights.

Skill 2

Lowered the backswing of Basic Attacks while in this state.


Duration: 8s >> 5s (While this might seem like a huge nerf, enemies usually do not stay in the target area for that long.)


We vastly underestimated just how big of a boost Layla would get from increased mobility and crowd control, so we’re slightly nerfing her damage and crowd control this time around.


Maximum Damage Increase: 135% >> 130%

Skill 2

Cooldown: 7.5-6.5s >> 8s

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.62 Update: Battlefield Adjustments


Necklace of Durance (Buffed)

Its build path is changed so that it better fits some mages and supports.

New Passive

Boon (the effect is the same as Elegant Gem)

Build Path

Mystic Container >> Elegant Gem (Necklace of Durance attributes modified accordingly)

Dominance Ice (Buffed)

Developers want this piece of equipment to be more effective against heroes with high attack speed.

Unique Passive – Arctic Cold (Buffed)

Its attack speed reduction is now calculated after all attack speed bonuses.

Clock of Destiny

The developers have reduced the survivability it granted to burst damage mages.


HP: 625 >> 500

Unique Passive – Time

Each stack grants 20 HP (was 25).

Ice Queen Wand (Buffed)

Developers have increased the survivability it granted to sustained damage mages.

  • New: 300 HP
  • Removed: 150 Mana

Thunder Belt (Buffed)

Thunder Belt is too costly for roaming tanks, so we’re reducing its price and boosting its Mana Regen.


2290 >> 1990


Mana Regen: 6 >> 10

Magic Blade (Buffed)

Developers want the Magic Blade to be more focused on certain builds.

  • Physical Attack: 40 >> 25
  • Magic Defense: 24 >> 40

Rose Gold Meteor (Buffed)

Developers want to make the Rose Gold Meteor more potent in the late game.

  • Physical Attack: 60 >> 50
  • Magic Defense: 30 >> 40
  • Physical Lifesteal: 5% >> 10%
Build Path

Magic Blade + Dagger >> Magic Blade + Vampire Mallet

Attack Effect Display

Players will now be able to see just how much power each skill gets from Attack Effects in each hero’s skill menu. For example, Miya’s extra arrows from her Moonlight Shadow passive and Skill 1 gain 30% of Attack Effects.

Battle Setup System

  • Developers can create 3 Preset Setups for each hero, including equipment, Emblems and Battle Spells.
  • Pro Builds now also contain equipment, medal and Battle Spell setups.
  • Developers can choose to copy an entire pro build or to only use its Emblem or equipment setup.
  • Developers can customize the names of your setups and add tags.

Emblem Attributes

Developers have decided to try and change the design philosophy regarding initial attributes which may lead to more adjustments in the future. While focusing on balancing the power of Emblems, this round of changes will be based on the following:

  • Increase the value of Regen attributes.
  • Restrict how much the most powerful attributes can be stacked.
  • While ensuring that each attribute is unique, we also want them to be useful for enough heroes (see the changes we’ve made to the Support Emblem).

Feedback and suggestions are welcome on these changes!

  • Common (↑)Hybrid Regen: 4 >> 8
  • Tank (↑): HP Regen: 3 >> 4
  • Assassin (↑): Adaptive Penetration: 17 >> 16
    • Movement SPD: 7.5% >> 4.5%
  • Mage (↑)Magic Power: 33 >> 32
    • Mana Regen: 3 >> 6
  • Fighter (↑): Adaptive Attack: 13 >> 15
    • Max HP: 200 >> 250
  • Support (↑): Healing Effect: 16% >> 15%
    • CD Reduction: 5% >> 10%
    • Movement SPD: 10%>> 7.5%

New Functions and events

Season 27 will end on the 24th of February, 2023 (Server Time) and Season 28 will begin on the 25th of February, 2023. Players can play Ranked games to get rewards, including Lapu-Lapu‘s S28 Seasonal Skin “Son of the Wild” (the Avatar Border reward will be released in a future patch). Complete rank tasks during the season to upgrade the skin’s tag.

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