Mobile Legends on PC Aamon: Hero Overview, Skill analysis, and release date

Aamon, Duke of Shards, is the new assassin released in the Mobile Legends Advanced server with the latest update on the Transformer collaboration event. The new Hero is said to be the brother of the famous assassin Gusion and has almost similar looks and play styles. Aamon uses Demonic Blades as weapons and has some fancy skills to make things interesting on the battlefield. Let’s check the abilities and stats of Aamon in Mobile Legends.


Passive – Invisible Armor (Conceal, Buff)


Every time Aamon uses a regular skill, his armor will generate a Malefic Blade that can absorb and condense the enemy’s magic into a Demonic Blade on hit.

The Demonic Blade will appear near the target. Absorbing the Demonic Blade allows Aamon to store energy and briefly enter the invisible state, during which he cannot be targeted, and gains 70% extra Movement Speed that rapidly decays over 3s. In the invisible state, Aamon’s next attack will end the state and increase his Basic Attacks‘ damage to 50 (+100% Total Physical ATK)(+50% Total Magic Power)Magic Damage for 2.5s.

Hero kills also generate Demonic Blade nearby.

Skill 1 – Soul Blades (Burst)

skill 1

Aamon flings a Malefic Blade at a nearby enemy, dealing 150 / 174 / 198 / 222 / 246 / 270 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and marking them. After a short delay, Aamon conjures 5 more blades around him that randomly lock onto and fly toward nearby enemies, each dealing 60 / 68 / 76 / 84 / 92 / 100 (+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (120% damage against the marked enemy).

Aamon immediately resets Basic Attacks‘ cooldown. Each enhanced attack reduces the skill’s cooldown by 0.5s

Skill 2 – Slayer Blades (Conceal, Damage)

skill 2

Aamon flings Malefic Blades forward. On a hit, each Malefic Blade will deal 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 / 230 / 250 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and immediately turn into a Demonic Blade and return to Aamon.

If no enemy is hit, the Malefic Blades will absorb the thin energy in the air and return to Aamon after 1 second. The energy can only allow Aamon to enter the invisible state immediately and will not store extra energy for his armor.

Ultimate Skill – Endless Blades (Burst)


After a short period of channeling, Aamon transforms all his energy into 6-12 Malefic Blades and flings them at nearby enemies, each dealing 60 / 80 / 100 (+12%Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

The number of Malefic Blades flung increases with the number of Demonic Blades stored in Aamon’s armor. The Malefic Blades’ damage increases with the enemy’s lost HP, to a max of 150% when the enemy’s HP is below 30%.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

The skills are definitely interesting with gameplay showing instances of Natalia, Brody, Gusion, and Cyclops. Aamon has mixed damage-dealing abilities through basic attacks and skills. The proper use of skills becomes very critical just like Gusion’s. A pro player can carry the whole team with the existing skill stats.

The new hero in Mobile Legends: Aamon

The first and second skill is combat initiator, which helps in building the moment to get assassin kills. And the passive plays a very critical role here, providing invisibility, speed and attack. The second skill also triggers invisibility just like the passive and helps in gaining the edge over other players.

The Ultimate is just the heavy damage dealer, which can get instant kill if used in a proper combo of the rest skills. This is not the end, Aamon also gets stacks and can store up to 3 stacks. There 3 ways of collecting stacks and that is with the extra blade from the first skill, from his second skill, and when he gets a kill. The more the stacks, the more blades are released from his ultimate.

Aamon on the battlefield

Aamon seems good with the current gameplay and has excellent mobility. The damage-dealing abilities aren’t that good with only basic or only skills but are dangerous when used in a mixed way. He doesn’t have crowd control abilities like most assassins but is good at stealing kills and escaping.

Aamon release date in Mobile Legends

Aamon is in development works but is scheduled to be released after Aulus. It wouldn’t be long before Aamon hits the original server as Mobile Legends have been releasing Heroes quite frequently now.

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