Mobile Legends on PC: Upcoming skins for June 2021

As heroes come and go in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang meta, skins are just one of those things that never seem to go out of style. Whether a player’s budget allows for a few indulgences for an Elite skin here and there or a carefree spending spree on all the collectible skins on the Shop, there is no denying the fact that skins will always be a worthy investment for serious MOBA players in MLBB. MLBB has recently announced on Twitter that a line-up of skins is about to release in June. Although, it seems all too soon to be spending again after the hectic month of May. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what skins are up for grabs in Mobile Legends for June 2021.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming skins for June 2021

1. Lunox “Eyes of Eternity”

Lunox “Eyes of Eternity”

This skin looks like something out of a fantasy, spouting an organic Order-and-Chaos design. It perfectly embodies Lunox’s abilities as the Twilight Goddess. Surprisingly, this skin will be marketed as an Epic Skin, seemingly a permanent resident at the Shop purchasable for 899 Diamonds. At its first release, it is expected that the skin would be a Collector, given its unique look and seemingly flash skill effects that have yet to be leaked. For sure, this will be one on the list for Mage players.

2. Franco “Bone Crusher

Last receiving an Epic Limited “Valhalla Ruler” skin, Franco has been humbled and will yet again receive another Skin, this time seemingly with no rarity. The name of the skin is yet to be confirmed, but “Bone Crusher” is the most probable name, set to be the First Purchase skin for Season 21. Along with Franco, Kaja “Crow Magician” is rumoured to be the Season 20 Skin reward, which will be claimable for Master and above at the end of the season.

3. Mathilda “Flower Crown

As a common resident on the ban listMathilda is receiving a skin. This echoes her popularity in the game, as she is currently one of the best Supports available. This Elite skin brings out the floral tones in Mathilda, which is in contrast to the spiritual theme we get to see in her basic skin.

4. Ling “Serene Plume

Ling “Serene Plume

Renowned as one of the nimblest Assassins, this wall-leaping hero will be receiving his first Collector Skin in June. The skin design mirrors his apparent weightlessness on the battlefield. With swift clouds and almost a mystical appearance, Serene Plume will surely dazzle the enemies with its sincerity and charm.

5. Esmeralda “The Foreseer

Esmeralda “The Foreseer”

The fifth and final member of the first Hero Series skins will be Esmeralda. She rounds off the all-male squad as the sole female on the Hero team. If the event is the same as the previous Hero events, then we can expect an Esmeralda Foreseer themed Recall, Emote, Spawn, Statue and Elimination effects as well. This skin is surely not to be passed over.

Other announced skins

Aside from the shaded hero skins, some skins are also coming back from previous events. Zhask “Cancer” will be available from the 21st of June, 2021 as part of the annual Zodiac Encore event. Alongside this, Leomord “Triumph Eagle” will also be available sometime this month. The Starlight skin for June is also notable along with the Jawhead “Candy Bear” will be available for purchase starting on the 1st of June, 2021. Be sure to keep updated with us, as more skins may be coming unannounced in June!

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