Play Free Fire on PC with 90 FPS (MEmu Exclusive)

Play Free Fire on PC with MEmu

MEmu offers the best smart controls to play Free Fire in the world. Now it is delivering more! Say goodbye to the old glitchy graphics and start to play with 90 FPS extreme frame rates! Professional players, do you want to have a smoother experience and examine all the details on the battlefield? You would never want to go back once having this option enabled in MEmu Play!

Play Free Fire on PC? Best Smart Controls + Extreme Frame Rates? What are you waiting for?!


♦Unlocking 90 FPS on MEmu Play♦

In order to enjoy the extreme frame rates, please read the following instructions carefully:


Step 1: Enable 120 FPS Mode in MEmu settings

Enable 120 FPS Mode in MEmu settings


Step 2: Customize your device model to Asus, ASUS_Z01QD in MEmu settings

Customize device model in MEmu settings


Step 3 (Optional): Disable the Vertical Sync in your Graphics Control Center

Some users may have their vertical sync enabled forcibly in their graphics settings, turning off the feature for MEmu may help the program to remove the frame rate restrictions.

Settings for NVIDIA graphics card:

1. Find and Open NVIDIA Control Panel (Can Also Right-click on Desktop)

Open NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Turn off Vertical Sync in MEmu.exe under the tab “Program Settings” in “Manage 3D settings”

Turn off Vertical Sync


Settings for AMD graphics card:

1. Open AMD Radeon settings and select the “Gaming” tab to add a new game

AMD Step 1

2. Find the location of MEmu.exe and open it (X:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu)

AMD Step 2

3. Select MEmu to customize its graphics settings

AMD Step 3

4. Find the option “Wait for Vertical Refresh” under the graphics tab and turn it off

AMD Step 4

You need to disable the FreeSync feature if you have a FreeSync enabled display.

Go to “Gaming” Tab – “Global Display”, then turn off Radeon FreeSync


Step 4: Restart MEmu, and do not forget to Enable HIGH FPS in Free Fire!

Enable HIGH FPS in Free Fire


Enter a match and you will be surprised! Isn’t that magic?!


Still not reaching the maximum? Check the recommended system requirements here.