Free Fire on PC – Smoothest Control ever!

Smoothest control for Free Fire on PC Tired of unstable mouse sensitivity playing Free Fire on PC? Find it annoying press a key every few seconds to get the mouse back to normal? After a long work, MEmu offers you something special this time. Best control experience. No need to consider other things, just play and BOOYAHH!

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Changes of playing Free Fire on PC with MEmu

1.Great optimization of mouse sensitivity issue.

As is know to all. Play Free Fire on PC with emulators on PC has issues with mouse sensitivity. For example, if you move your mouse to one single direction for too long, the sensitivity of mouse will increase to an uncontrollable state. This time, MEmu solved this problem by its exclusive keymapping system. Players will have a stable and easy mouse control.


2. Updated functions for certain keys

  • Add Drive, Loot, Eject, Use functions to “F” key
  • Add Dive, Get in Functions to “G” key
  • Add switch grenades function to “N” key (The grenade menu and mouse will show automatically when press and hold “N“, after choosing the grenade, just release “N” and the mouse will be hidden)

Free Fire on PC

  • Add smart F1 key to solve occasional mouse stuck, one tap to solve all the condition
  • Add “auto enter/leave shoot mode” function to “Tab“, “Esc” keys

Free Fire on PC

Three reasons why using MEmu to play Free Fire on PC

  1.  Perfect combination of smoothness and stability of mouse sensitivity.
  2. Optimization for all resolution plans.
  3. MEmu’s great experience in smart keymapping for FPS games.

Note: Please backup your data before updating.  

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