Mobile Legends on PC: Upcoming Skins for August and September 2021 Leaked

More upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skins have been revealed by data miners. The expected release dates of the upcoming Mobile Legends skins are yet to be determined except for the Transformers event skins which have been confirmed to be released on 24th Aug 2021. According to the data miner, Kazuki Official, these nine upcoming skins are expected to arrive sometime in August or September 2021. The upcoming skins vary from Starlight, Collector, and the highly anticipated Transformers event-exclusive skins. The basic skin for the upcoming new hero Aulus has also been revealed. More details regarding the upcoming Mobile Legends skins and the upcoming new fighter hero Aulus can be found below.

Upcoming skins in Mobile Legends revealed

A total of nine new skins are expected to arrive in Mobile Legends for the month of August and September 2021, as revealed by Kazuki Official. The basic skin of the upcoming hero Aulus named “Berserker” has also been revealed.

The new fighter hero, Aulus is expected to arrive in the Mobile Legends regular servers on 31st Aug 2021. The new hero will arrive along with his basic skin and can be unlocked through the in-game shop.

Here are the upcoming Mobile Legends skins for August and September 2021 with their expected release dates;

Upcoming Mobile Legends Skins

  • (Transformers Event Skin) Johnson “Optimus Prime” – 24th Aug 2021
  • (Transformers Event Skin) X.Borg “Bumblebee” – 24th Aug 2021
  • (Transformers Event Skin) Granger “Megatron” – 24th Aug 2021
  • (Epic Skin) Moskov “Twilight Dragon” Revamped Skin – 24th Aug 2021
  • (Basic Skin) Aulus “Berserker” – 31st Aug 2021
  • (Starlight Skin) Pharsa “Poeny Bloom” – 1st Sept 2021
  • (Collector Skin) Aldous “Realm Watcher” – 5th Sept 2021
  • (Epic Skin) Uranus “Celestial Bastion” – September 2021
  • (Elite Skin) Beatrix “Hawkeye Bolt” – September 2021

The Mobile legends x Transformaers event has been confirmed to arrive on 24th Aug 2021 along with the three event-exclusive skins. The rest of the skin release dates are yet to be revealed by Moonton.

Fans can definitely expect a ton of exciting new content coming soon in Mobile Legends alongside these amazing new skins to collect. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates to be revealed in the near future.

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