Call of Duty Mobile will get a snow map in battle royale

From yesterday (Nov. 14), leaks of snow map (maps?) went viral on the Internet. It seems that there for sure will be at lease a snow map and the question now is what it will be. Giving the fact that the maps for multi-player are generall small in CODm, it will take less time to make a new one compared with making a new map for BR.

Yet it seems that Activision has spent much more time on the development of the game so the possibility that the map was made months ago is very high. That is to say, Activision had everything done already, the only thing they need to do is some open test in the test server. For example, the zombie mode, which is under testing in the test server. We have the reasons to believe that they must have a few maps done and want to release them one by one instead of at one time.

After all, CODm is a free game, the company has to sell items to gain profit. No wonder, a winter/Chrismas costume is the best choice in December, but of course, regular players are not that willing to buy the new items easily. That is the importance of the snow map(s). On the other hand, the competition between mobile shooting games is so intense. The pioneer of battleground royale, PUBG Mobile now has four maps which are obviously an advantage to CODm. After playing the same map for more than a month, for sure, some players will get bored.

Besides, the current BR map is extremely like the map of Black Op4 which is something offensive to the BO4 players and prevents them to play the game on their phone. A new map that gets rid of the shadow of other COD games will make this mobile version a legend, too. Just like Modern Warfare. So, in conclusion, winter is coming and prepare for the new map and also, take care of your pockets. Download MEmu to play COD m on PC: Download More readings:

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