Azur Lane introduces Tower of Transcendence event with 5 new Iron Blood Ships

Azur Lane, a Naval shoot ’em up the mobile game, is introducing the fourth Iron Blood big event, Tower of Transcendence, which will run from December 29th, 2021 to January 12th, 2022. This update introduces five new shipgirls, including one Ultra Rare character, bolstering the Iron Blood faction’s battle strength. During the Tower of Transcendence event, new clothes, picture frames, furniture sets, and other awards are also available.

Azur Lane Tower of Transcendence brings mini-events with amazing rewards

In the Tower of Transcendence update, four mini-events are launched; by fulfilling their goals, players will get various special goodies such as free characters, skins, and furniture items. The restricted character Z28 may be gained for free if players engage in the Fireworks Workshop mini-event. After finishing the event, the Afternoon Impromptu skin for the character Southampton may be redeemed in the Manjuu Curling.

Tonic and Tea mini event
Tonic and Tea mini-event

The Tonic and Tea mini-event also includes the furniture pieces Model Royal Navy Teahouse and Model Iron Blood Café. Meanwhile, players may get “New Year’s Invitation (New Year 2022)” through the Blessing and New Year’s Invitation 2022 event, which can be used to redeem one of the seven Super Rare shipgirls: Illustrious, Le Malin, Victorious, Tirpitz, Essex, Shoukaku, and Zuikaku.

Players can also use Call to Arms: Iron Blood phase 1 character (Prinz Eugen, Peter Strasser, Tirpitz, U-47) to totally limit break the event characters and accomplish objectives to earn enough points to get the exclusive picture frame, Mark of Transcendence.

Five new characters are set to appear with the Tower of Transcendence

As Iron Blood members, five new shipgirls appear. Ulrich von Hutten, an Ultra Rare shipgirl from the Iron Blood faction, can unleash a unique barrage and slow down foes. Her talent may also boost the amount of Crit Damage inflicted by Iron Blood ships while lowering the amount of damage sustained by her faction.

In Tower of Transcendence, two Super Rare characters, Prinz Adalbert and Magdeburg, as well as two Elite characters, Elbe and U-1206, will begin their quest. Ulrich von Hutten, Prinz Adalberti, and Elbe are among the characters who may be gained through the building pool. Magdeburg may also be obtained as a drop-in event map or exchanged for in the event store.

Limited new skins are now arriving with the event shop

The newly introduced furniture set in this version is Port Café, which allows your shipgirls to unwind after combat. Purchasable resource supply bundles will also be available. Up to 20 new maid-themed skins are available, including three Live2D skins for Queen Elizabeth, Ulrich von Hutten, and Prinz Adalbert: “Yes, Your Maidness,” “Mayhem Maid,” and “After-Hours Service.”

When players join Azur Lane during the event, they will receive two rental outfit coupons. Ulrich von Hutten – Mayhem Maid (L2D), Prinz Adalbert – After-Hours Service (L2D), and Howe – Pastry Princess are the skins that each coupon may be used on.

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