Here are the patch notes for Free Fire’s OB32 Illuminate update

Free Fire’s OB32 update was launched today and brought changes to the Bermuda map, a new weapon, and many improvements to characters. The patch notes of the Illuminate update were posted on the official dev blog of Garena’s battle royale.

Clash Squad

New Map

Alpine – a fusion battle experience.

“Ready for new battles and victories on Alpine?”

Alpine map available in Clash Squad and Clash Squad Ranked modes.

New Area

Clash Squad mode welcomes new areas in Bermuda.

“New fun added to our old map!”

Hangar and Nurek Dam – new areas in Bermuda.

New Weapon: Charge Buster 

The new weapon is available.

“The Charge Buster will be the new shotgun we’re introducing into this patch. Holding the firing button will charge up its energy and result in a more powerful shot upon release. Be cautious, charging the weapon too long may backfire.”

Base Damage: 15

Rate of Fire: 0.3

Magazine: 3

Charge: Charging will increase range & damage, and reduce spread.

New Airdrop Weapons

More choices are available.

“In this patch, we have added advanced-attachment weapons into the airdrops.”

Airdrop advanced-attachment weapons:

Groza-X: Damage +10%

M249-X: Damage +5%, Rate of Fire +12%

SVD-Y: Penetrates Gloo Wall (reduced damage)

In regards to maps, the Illuminate patch finally made Alpine available in Clash Squad and its ranked modes. Also, Bermuda received two new areas, which means players can now find Hangar and Nurek Dam on the oldest map in Free Fire. Finally, Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill regions in Bermuda were adjusted, getting new covers to help players hide from enemies.

Image via Garena

With the OB32 update, four characters received nerfs or buffs. Skyler got a hold-to-aim button for better precision when using his Riptide Rhythm skill. Olivia’s Healing Touch will now have increased extra HP for revived teammates to help your squad get back to the game faster. Xayne will have increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields, while also having a shorter cooldown and longer skill active time. Finally, Maxim’s Gluttony had its speed reduced.

Charge Buster is the new weapon officially dropping on Free Fire with Illuminate. It’s a shotgun that will have its energy-charged if you hold the firing button, resulting in a more powerful shot with higher damage and range. In general, the OB32 update reduced the range of SMGs and buffed the range and damage of some rifles. Also, the airdrops received three advanced-attachment weapons: Groza-X with 10 percent more damage, M249-X, with 5 percent more damage and a rate of fire increased by 12%, and an SVD-Y.

All of the details regarding the new update can be found on Free Fire’s official website.

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