Arknights is celebrating its second anniversary with brand new content and lots of rewards

Arknights officially turns two soon and Yostar Games is celebrating the occasion with a new event called Dossoles Holiday. It is set to bring content like a new side story, operators, login rewards, holiday-themed outfits, and more.

The second-anniversary event begins now and will run for two weeks until January 28th. Throughout this event, players will gain access to free 10-roll headhunting permits and daily login pulls. A special sign-in event will further reward everyone with Originium, elite materials, and limited furniture pieces. The Dossoles Holiday event goes live today. In this new episode of Arknights, Doctors have been cordially invited to accompany Ch’en in her vacation at Dossoles, a beachside city in Bolívaria, full of vibrant landscapes and entertainment.

The city hosts a grand event each year, called the Dossoles Warrior Champion, where the Doctors will play a crucial role as the safety of the town is threatened. This episode also adds a new sticker system to Arknights, which will be required by players to progress further into the competition.

By clearing stages in the event, players can redeem items like furniture pieces, headhunting permits, tequila tokens, elite material, and the Summer Flower FA026 outfit for Sussurro. Another vacation event, called Dossoles Amazing Wall, will also reward Doctors with Orundums for participating.

Tagging along with the anniversary events are four new operators. Check them out below:

  • Ch’en the Holungday – A 6-star AoE sniper. She can increase her ASPD on watery terrains and has a chance of not consuming ammunition after its use.
  • Mizuki – A 6-star specialist crowd control operator. He can deal greater damage by increasing his ATK with his talent.
  • La Pluma – A 5-star guard, who can recover HP only by attacking enemies. Her talent also increases her ASPD.
  • Tequilla – Another 5-star guard, he is capable of dealing Arts damage to opponents that attack him.

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