Mobile Legends on PC: Upcoming Skins and Events for February 2022

With the month of January coming to an end very soon, the Chinese New Year is just right around the corner month of February. Thus, it is expected to bring along a lot of exciting new content to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This includes the February 2022 Starlight Pass, new skins, new events, and much more content which is believed to be coming to the game in the month of February 2022. All of these upcoming skins and events for Mobile Legends for the month of February 2022 will be covered in this article, read on to find out more!

Mobile Legends February 2022: Upcoming skins and events

February 1- February 2022 Starlight Pass

Mobile Legends skins events February 2022

First up on our list, the February 2022 Starlight Pass will bring along lots of rewards for players purchasing the month’s Starlight Pass. The February 2022 exclusive Starlight Skin is believed to be Cecilion’s “Stargazer”.

Many more rewards including emotesSacred Statues, etc. These are just like those available in previous Starlight Passes, which are expected to be made available for Starlight Pass holders. They progress through the Starlight levels.

February 5- Zilong Collector Skin

Zilong’s “Empyrean Paladin” is expected to be the February Collector skin, which will be made available at the Grand Collection event on the 5th of February, 2022. It is believed that players will be able to obtain this skin through the Grand Collection event, mainly using Grand Collection Tickets.

zilong skin

Players can receive for completing certain tasks, such as logging in to the game or topping up a certain amount of in-game diamonds. Alternatively, these are just like previous Grand Collection events. It is expected that players can also use in-game diamonds or Crystal of Auroras in this event.

Empyrean Paladin will be the next collector skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang following Hanabi’s “Riverland Phoenix” Collector skin released back in January 2022.

February 8- Chou HERO Skin Rerun

On February 8, 2022, fans of the Fighter hero, Chou can rejoice over the rerun of his popular HERO skin. Chou’s “Thunderfist” will be making its return to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the 8th of February, 2022.

Image via Moonton

Although unconfirmed, Thunderfist will most likely be available for players to obtain through a special event and/or draw in the game. This is expected to use either an event-limited form of currency or in-game diamonds.

February 10- Freya Epic Skin

Players of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can look forward to the release of a brand new addition to the game’s S.A.B.E.R. skin series, Freya‘s “S.A.B.E.R. Manhunter” will be released on 10th of February, 2022.

Image via Moonton

S.A.B.E.R. Manhunter will be available for players to obtain via direct purchase from the in-game Store using in-game diamonds. Besides, there will be a special event and/or draw in the game, which is expected to be using an event-limited form of currency.

February 18- Natan Elite Skin

Image via Moonton

Next up, NatanMarksman hero, will be receiving an all-new elite skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, coming to the game on the 18th of February, 2022. Titled “Chaos Hunter“, this will be the next Elite skin releasing in the game. It is believed that Chaos Hunter will be available for players to obtain upon release via the in-game store using in-game diamonds.

February 19- Lancelot Pisces Zodiac Skin Encore

Lancelot’s “Pisces” Zodiac Skin is also expected to make a return to the game on 19th of February, 2022 as the next zodiac. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s special Zodiac Skin line being made available in-game in an encore.

Mobile Legends skins events February 2022

It is believed that players will be able to obtain this skin through the in-game Zodiac Summon event, mainly using Crystal of Aurora to increase their Star Power. Players will be typically gaining 1-5 Star Power upon each summon,. There is also a slight possibility that players receive 100 Star Power on a single draw, therefore obtaining the skin.

Alternatively, just like previous Zodiac Summon events, it is expected that players can also use in-game Diamonds in this event. Lancelot’s “Pisces” Zodiac Skin will be the next Zodiac Skin available in-game following Aurora’s “Aquarius” Zodiac Skin.

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