Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 Banner leaks: Silver Wolf Rerun, New Relics, and more

The expanding player base of Honkai: Star Rail is eagerly anticipating version 1.5, which includes exciting updates like the rerun of Silver Wolfnew characters, and banners. Fans are especially thrilled due to engaging promotional posts from HoYoverse and credible leaks on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. These leaks have provided players with insights into the upcoming 1.5 banners and the order in which new characters will be introduced.

The leaked information has sparked lively conversations and speculations in the community about the abilities, stories, and gameplay of the upcoming characters. Players are eagerly anticipating the unique playstyles and captivating narratives these characters will introduce to the constantly evolving Honkai: Star Rail universe.

HuoHuo is the first banner for version 1.5 in Honkai: Star Rail

Huohuo is coming as the first banner for version 1.5 and is a highly anticipated 5-star Abundance Path character in Honkai: Star Rail, affiliated with the Wind element. Her character background is a great addition to the game’s narrative as she is introduced as a vulnerable Foxian girl, undergoing training to become a Ten-Lords Commission Judge. However, her character arc is marked by a unique twist – she possesses a fear of ghosts despite her Ten-Lords Commission duty of capturing them.

This fear is tied to the enigmatic presence of a heliobus named Tail, which has been sealed within her tail by the Ten-Lords Commission. This intriguing backstory immediately captures the attention of players. In terms of gameplay, Huohuo‘s role in Honkai: Star Rail is that of a healer, and she excels at providing essential support to her team.

Honkai Star Rail HuoHuo

Image via HoYoverse

Her skills are geared towards ensuring the well-being of her allies, with the ability to not only restore HP to a single ally but also grant substantial HP recovery to the entire party. This makes her an invaluable asset in team compositions, as her healing prowess can turn the tide of battles and sustain the team’s longevity.

Furthermore, her talents, such as “Lives of the Sacrifice” and “Spiritual Experience,” solidify her position as a dedicated healer, allowing her to consistently heal her allies and provide crucial energy regeneration, enhancing her utility within the team. Huohuo’s unique abilities make her a character to watch out for in Honkai: Star Rail.

Argenti is the second banner for version 1.5 in Honkai: Star Rail

Argenti is the second banner for version 1.5 and is a 5-star Physical-type element character who follows the Path of Erudition in Honkai: Star Rail. He is a valiant knight from the Knights of Beauty, deeply committed to upholding their noble ideals.

Argenti’s cosmic journey sees him roaming alone, firmly dedicated to the Path of Beauty. His primary duty is to maintain the honor of Beauty, a responsibility that requires him to approach battles with utmost sincerity, ensuring that his opponents willingly yield when faced with his formidable spear.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti
Image via HoYoverse

In terms of gameplay, Argenti shines as a formidable AoE-DPS character. His skills and ultimate ability are designed to unleash devastating Physical damage upon all enemies, making him exceptionally effective at dealing with multiple targets simultaneously. Argenti’s unique talent, Neutral Grey, further enhances his capabilities by providing him with Energy restoration and Crit Rate bonuses as he engages in combat. This enables him to maintain a high level of damage output throughout battles.

Additionally, his Gaze of Beauty technique introduces crowd control utility to his kit, adding versatility to his role by allowing him to not only deal damage but also control the battlefield effectively. As players wield Argenti’s Energy management, AoE damage, and crowd control abilities, they can anticipate thrilling gameplay moments where he dominates the field.

Silver Wolf Rerun for Version 1.5 in Honkai: Star Rail

Version 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail will bring a surprising rerun of Silver Wolf, even though she was introduced later than the Cloud Knight General Jing Yuan. Fans are intrigued by this unexpected order of character reruns. Silver Wolf is a Quantum-type element character who follows the Path of Nihility in Honkai: Star Rail. Her unique kit is centered around weakening enemies through various debuffs, including SPD reduction and Defense reduction.

Silver Wolf stands out as a highly valuable character, particularly when facing enemies with strong defenses or when there’s a need for a character of a specific element. Her versatility as a debuffer allows her to seamlessly fit into various team compositions, making her an excellent choice for a wide range of content. Whether players are taking on formidable bosses or tackling challenging encounters like the Forgotten Hall or the Simulated Universe, Silver Wolf’s abilities empower her to effectively handle these situations.

Hanya is set to debut in version 1.5 as a featured 4-star character in the second banner alongside Argenti and Silver Wolf’s rerun. She is a 4-star Physical-type element character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Path of Harmony. As one of the judges on the Ten-Lords Commission, her responsibilities include interrogation, detention, imprisonment, and punishment.

Her expertise lies in deciphering the karma and sins of wrongdoers, meticulously documenting their offenses and corresponding penalties using the Oracle Brush. Notably, Hanya is the younger sister of Xueyi, another character leaked in Honkai: Star Rail. In terms of gameplay, Hanya’s skills revolve around applying the [Burden] debuff and enhancing ally damage.

Honkai Star Rail Hanya Banner

Image via HoYoverse

As an interrogation specialist, her role is distinct, offering a refreshing perspective compared to other characters. Her potential synergy with the team lies in her [Burden] debuff, which can significantly boost ally damage. This synergy becomes particularly valuable in team compositions where maximizing damage output is crucial. Hanya’s abilities open up intriguing strategic possibilities for players to explore, providing an advantage in battles and contributing to the evolving meta of Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail New Relics for Version 1.5

Two Relics and Planar Sets are set to release in the upcoming Version 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail. Grand Duke Incinerated to Ashes and The Prisoner in Deep Confinement have been leaked as the coming relics for version 1.5 in Honkai: Star Rail. These relics are aimed at enhancing the performance of their respective characters. Below are the set effects leaked for the Relic sets:

Grand Duke Incinerated to Ashes

  • 2-Pc: Increase follow-up attack DMG dealt by 16%.
  • 4-Pc: When the wearer causes additional dmg to the enemy target, the additional attack dmg in this attack is increased by 8%, up to 8 times

Prisoner in Deep Confinement

  • 2-Pc: ATK increases by 12%.
  • 4-Pc: For every DoT the target enemy is afflicted with, the wearer will ignore 6% of DEF when dealing DMG, for a max of 3 DoT effects.
Honkai star rail version 1.5 relics

Firmament Frontline Glamoth

  • 2-Pc: Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 135/160 or higher, the wearer’s DMG Boost is increased by 12%/20%.

Penacony Land of the Dreams

  • 2-Pc: Increases wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%. This increases DMG for allies with similar stats to the wearer by 10%.

Additionally, Version 1.5 will bring two new Planar Ornaments, specially designed to boost character stats. Planar Ornaments in Honkai: Star Rail are unique relics with varying rarities and bonus effects, offering players a way to further empower their characters. These valuable items can be obtained by participating in Herta’s Simulated Universe, a challenging survival mode within the game. Stay tuned for updates on the specific set effects associated with these Planar Ornaments as more details are revealed.

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