Supercell announces, a monster-hunting title with beta test scheduled for late October 2023

Supercell has creatively announced, a monster-hunting action title for mobile. The game is set in a premise where it is a monster-hunting startup that has discovered breakthrough portal technology that allows travel to parallel worlds. The game will also see light in terms of gameplay soon, with an early-stage beta test scheduled for late October 2023.

Download on PC is a monster-hunting startup, and they are in need of extra hands

The premise was unveiled by Supercell in a quirky and imaginative fashion, making it seem like they’re partnering with a startup, that too a monster-hunting one. Can you imagine something like that in real-life? No kidding, we can’t. Well, will serve as one, acting as a small startup specializing in monster hunting that has found itself in a bit of a mess with these creatures.

Although they have a competent team, they soon recognized the need for additional support. They extend an invitation for others to join them and embark on a thrilling adventure into the unknown, and this is where you will chip in.

While it’s not officially confirmed, it’s a guess that “” might stand for something like monster cooperation. What really piques my interest is the art style, which promises a vivid, anime-like atmosphere. The characters they’ve introduced so far seem pretty impressive as well, while a little glimpse of gameplay did feature some huge monsters.

Supercell characters

Image via Supercell

With mentions of monsters and dungeons, it’s tempting to speculate that the gameplay could involve exciting monster encounters, challenging dungeons to explore, and perhaps a blend of action and adventure that’s bound to keep players engaged. Parallel worlds are something to look forward to.

Players can now sign up for the Supercell beta

Found the premise interesting? Then there’s no need to delay signing up for the Supercell beta. The steps are simple, you just need to head over to the website here, enter your email and preferred device among Android and iOS, and click Sign Up. The date for the test hasn’t been announced yet.


Image via Supercell

Now, before you ask about release dates, let me tell you, it ain’t coming soon. The testing phase is yet to kick off, and hoping for an early release would be quite the stretch. However, you can keep your hopes up for a potential launch in late 2023 or early 2024. And if it somehow comes out earlier, well, I would likely be the happiest soul around here.

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